How to Care for Dark Clothing

How do you keep dark denim from fading?


The only thing that can make a crisp black suit or a pair of dark jeans less sophisticated? Washing it. Well, washing it the wrong way, that is. Lindsey Weiber Boyd, co-founder of specialty detergent line The Laundress, shares tips for keeping dark items clean without sacrificing their color. Weiber says The Laundress has also developed two products -- Denim Wash and Darks Detergent -- specifically designed to maintain color saturation in dark clothing.

“Washing inside out in cold water will help to preserve and protect dark denim from fading. Never put your denim in the dryer -- always hang to dry,” Weiber Boyd says. Color is best maintained by not using the dryer that is where most fading occurs. Air drying is always recommended.” She adds, “We invest a lot in our denim -- that is why we developed The Laundress Denim Wash. Integrated with a color guard, these ingredients increase soil release during washing to make the cleaning process more effective and efficient-so clothes stay brighter for longer.”

Q. How do you keep black and dark clothes their darkest?

A. “Hand washing dark items in cold water will lengthen the life of colored garments,” says Weiber Boyd. “Excessive drying causes colors to fade, so only use the dryer when necessary -- line drying is always best! Be sure to avoid direct sunlight.”

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