How to Dress Up a Space With Color

The walls in my home currently are a boring white. I really want to add some color but I'm stumped. We have a kind of open floor plan, with the kitchen, dining room and family room all flowing from one to the other. I'd prefer not to paint them all the same, but I'm not sure how to contrast or complement different tones. Do you have any advice?

— iVillage user southern_style


Although you'll want to avoid dividing up your open space with blocks of color, you can still bring in some varying tones and accents to give the space personality. For example, you could keep the walls white—just don't forget there are hundreds of shades of white out there—but paint your ceiling a serene blue or a soft yellow. You can echo the color of the ceiling on the door or window frames, on cabinets, along shelves and even on the back of cabinet walls. Tiled backsplashes are a great way to bring in a splash of color in a kitchen. You also can bring color into the room through appliances, furniture, chair cushions or upholstery and window treatments. Pick a color that you love and then have fun echoing it around the space.

Hope this helps!

Susanna Salk, decorating expert, blogger and iVillage contributor

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