Flea Market Shopping Tips

"I love picking through flea markets and garage sales. But they can be so overwhelming -- oftentimes, I get home and think that I really have just purchsed someone else's junk. Do you have any tips to keep in mind when you're shopping to help pick out the real gems?" --iVillager susanorrie


A day at a flea market can result in what we call "visual overkill." You won't be able to pick out special pieces after a while. Here are two guidelines:

1. Go to the event searching for one thing, perhaps a nice cup and saucer or a mirror. You will also notice other objects, and perhaps even buy them, but the overwhelming clutter is more controlled if you focus on just the cups and saucers or mirror.

2. Don't rush. Dealers are always putting more merchandise out as other pieces sell, so you will never see everything. Count on luck and your expertise to help you find a treasure.

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