How Long Should I Wait Before Conceiving Again?

I had a blood test done at 17 days passed ovulation/conception. The level was only 88 which is very low. I know the most important thing is that it doubles every 48 hours, but still I'm worried until I can take another test which the doctor wants me to do in a week. Is a very low level like this indicative that something is wrong. If the levels don't improve, then what happens. Does it mean that a miscarriage is likely?


Dear Peg,

Thanks for your response but unfortunately, I began to miscarry on Tuesday. I took another blood test the day before and the numbers dropped to 52. I guess my instincts were right, the numbers were too low. What is your opinion about trying again, ie. how soon. I've heard many differing opinions, from immediately to 3-4 cycles. My miscarriage was very early and I don't think a D&C will be necessary, so if I can determine when I ovulate next I want to try again without waiting to complete another period.

It seems the doctors encourage waiting more for the emotional recovery and to be able to determine the date of the fetus from LMP. To me those aren't good reasons for me to wait. I did see one post from a doctor that said studies show a higher risk of miscarriage in the three months following if you get pregnant again. What are your thoughts?


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I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you are taking advantage of all the excellent resources to help you with this. The book by Sherokee Ilse "Miscarriage: A shattered dream" is one that I especially think is valuable.

Intervals between pregnancies is dependent on many things: age, fertility status, emotional stamina of the couple, health and nutritional status of the mother, family and personal genetic history. While it is true that there is an increased risk of miscarriage if pregnancy occurs before 3 months, this is not true for all. Iron is depleted with blood loss and pregnancy, so it would benefit you to be scrupulous about diet and nutrition.

I guess this doesn't really answer your question but I always have faith in and trust a woman's (couple's) own instincts about this. If it seems like the right thing to do, I would go ahead.

I really hope all goes well the next time.

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