How Mirrors in the Kitchen Can Increase Your Prosperity -- And More

To enhance your prosperity, do you hang the mirror behind the stove (between the wall and stove) or above it? --iVillager Yogibear7


If you cannot see the kitchen door when you are standing at the stove, then you should place a mirror against the backsplash, or any location in the room that will catch the reflection of someone coming in the door. Why? It is good feng shui to see people coming through the doorways of each room you are in.

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If there are two doors to your kitchen, then place the mirror so that it reflects the door someone would most likely enter after coming in from the front door to your home.

If you have prosperity problems, you might want to place something reflective like a mirror near the stove (a shiny tea pot would work) to reflect the burners. This visually "doubles" the burners, a common feng shui practice used to increase your wealth.

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