How much expressed milk for one month old?

I express milk so that my husband could get a chance to feed our one-month-old son. How much does a one month old eat at one time?


Debbi Donovan

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When expressing your milk for an occasional feed, I would recommend saving in very small amounts for a one-month-old baby. Two or three ounces of breastmilk should be fine for a feed. You may think this amount seems small if you are comparing it to the amount of milk a formula-fed baby receives. It has been found that a lesser quantity of breastmilk is needed (than formula) for optimal infant growth. (Butte, 1984)

During a baby's first six weeks of life, I would not recommend the use of bottles. Early introduction of bottles has been shown to shorten the duration of the breastfeeding relationship: Suck confusion can result when a baby feeds from both the breast and bottle early on. This can make it difficult for him to nurse. A baby may appear to be doing fine switching back and forth, and suddenly seem to prefer the ease of receiving his milk from a bottle. A "nursing strike" may result, where he refuses your breast.

Another problem with the early introduction of bottles is a reduction of your milk supply. This can creep up on you, and you may find by three months you have a severely diminished supply. If you won't be nursing for one feed each day, be sure to continue to express your milk to help maintain a good milk supply.

There are a lot of ways your partner can participate in your baby's life other than feeding him. He can cuddle with him, take him for walks in a baby pack or sling (while you get some much-needed rest), bathe him (or bathe with him), sing to him, dance with him -- use your imagination and have fun!

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