How old is too old for a pacifier?

My two year old still uses a pacifier. His lower teeth look as if they are pushed forward. His bite does not come together. There is a gap just about the size of his pacifier. How old is too old for the pacifier?


I usually advise parents to try to wean their child off a pacifier around the age of three, although I don't want it to become a major battle.

Most children stop sucking on pacifiers, fingers and thumbs by the age of four or five. If this timing occurs (before the eruption of the permanent incisors), generally there is no problem with eruption or alignment of the permanent teeth, thereby avoiding corrective treatment.

If the habit continues through eruption of the permanent teeth, there might be a problem with eruption and alignment. Any problems would depend on the frequency and duration of the sucking. The effects of the habit might correct themselves if the sucking stops by age eight to ten.

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