Husband has bad eating habits

I need help!! My husband eating habits are driving me crazy. It started from growing up, his parents gave in to his picky eating habits. They eat everything and my husband will not eat vegetables, salads and fruit. His diet consists of Macdonalds, any meat is breaded, rice and potatoes. He will starve, if I make a wonderful meal. My husband has a big sweet tooth and loves his pepsi. The sad part of this story, I am a professional cook and baker.



Sue Gilbert

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Dear Joan,

How to get a husband to change? That's a tough quests one! Someone else asked the same question (in regards to eating habits) a while back and the answer is posted on the Ask the Nutritionist web page under the section Picky Eaters and the question is entitled When a Parent is the Picky Eater.

Really, I have no great answer for you. It will most certainly take lots of behavioral modification techniques on your part, some cooperation on his, and lots of patience, especially if the motivation isn't coming from your husband. Good luck. Sometimes the hardest part is keeping up your own healthy eating style when a negative influence is around. But, being the main cook in the family, and the food purchaser, you have lots of power over what is bought and served and how it is served. That alone should get you some ground. Hopefully some of your good influence will rub off.

Also, genuine concern for his health will go over better than nagging to him about his poor eating. After all, your deep down main concern is, most likely, you want him around to share a rocker on the front porch yea many years from now. If he continues on with eating fatty foods, and no fruits and veggies, you may be rocking alone. Plus, if you have kids, certainly he will want to see them though college, and be around to enjoy grandkids.

The evidence of poor diet and its effect on heart disease and cancer is overwhelming. Any positive efforts on your part to encourage his change is in your own best interest if you enjoy his company, and is most definitely in his own best interest. Good luck

Thank you for writing.

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