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I have chin-length, fine hair with a wave and I've pretty much worn it the same way for the last 24 years -- and have the photos to prove it. I'd love to do something funkier, but I really don't want very short hair. I have really dark, thick eyebrows and need them to be covered too!

Oh, and I am not good with styling. I mean, I try, but within an hour my hair is pretty much glued to my head. Thanks!

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You don't have to cut your hair short to have body, but you will have to accept the fact that longer hair will require a little more time to create the illusion of fullness. Shampoo your hair with a daily or volumizing shampoo. Never place conditioner on roots of hair. Place conditioner on ends of hair only. Fine hair doesn't have to be a pixie cut, but it should never be more than chin length. Barely-there layers will help to add body to fine hair. Always use a light root lift product and lift hair at a 90-degree angle when blow drying hair. Place dried hair in rollers. Spray hair lightly with a hair spray. Let hair cool down. Gently remove rollers and comb in place. Use fingers or soft bristled brush to style hair.

Bangs can cover a heavy brow or a high forehead. Side swept bangs usually look the most full. Did you ever think of having your brows shaped by a professional? A little tweaking can make a heavy brow look beautiful and sexy.

Everyone with fine hair should color their hair even if it doesn't need a change. You don't have to change the color of your hair. Pick a color the same as yours or similar to your own. It will add instant body and volume, look richer and shine.

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