Decorate a Girl's Room with Thriftiness and Style

We are using our rebate check to decorate our three-year-old daughter's room. We're having a hard time choosing between paint and wallpaper -- color and quality. We're also having problems deciding on the right kind of twin bed for her. How can we get the most for our money?


Painting will be the easiest, most inexpensive decorating technique that will provide the most impact. Here are some fun and easy decorating tips.

  • Pick a pretty, versatile color. Keep the trim white or ivory.
  • If you decide to use wallpaper, select a neutral, versatile print. Wallpaper can be limiting, so avoid using something too cutesy that won't allow your daughter to "grow into the room." You do not want to be redecorating every two years!
  • Start scouring yard sales and flea markets for the right twin headboard.
  • Remember, you can always paint furniture if refinishing would be too much of a job. Check out thrift stores as well. You will be surprised by what you can find.
  • Avoid specific themes. Select furniture that is versatile and long lasting.
  • It's easier to budget if you add pieces one at a time. Pretty bed linens and a nice area rug will bring the room together, and framed, inexpensive artwork will be a lovely addition to the walls.
  • Don't forget a nice little toy chest to store toys. We think flea markets and thrift stores will be your best bet on a budget. Have fun with it and take your time. The project does not need to be completed in a weekend.
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