Ideas for One-Year-Old At Home with Nanny

I have a one-year-old little boy, and being a working mom used to send him to day school. However, he suffered from what the doctors call 'creche syndrome'. He used to get sick virtually every second week. I have now taken him out of day care, and keep him at home with a nanny. His nanny is a very kind, loving and maternal person, but is not highly educated nor is she a skilled 'educator'. I would like to make up a little routine/course for him to enjoy at home so that he does not get bored, and remains stimulated.

What are your suggestions, and are there any good books, web sites, material I could lay my hands on?


It is wonderful to have your son at home with a loving nanny. That is the best place for a one-year-old. There really are no set "routines" for him. The best thing is to allow him to explore his environment freely: climb on the sofa, try to grasp and pick up objects around him, discover the pots and pans, etc. To this end, you should try to "childproof" your house as much as possible, taking away sharp items, (which could cut him) or small items (which he could swallow). The best learning ground for a one year-old (and a two year-old) is his own environment.

The Louise Bates Ames book, "Your One Year Old" or the Arlene Eisenberg books "What to Expect the First Year" or "What to Expect the Toddler Years" are good choices which explain your child's developmental stage. Also anything by Arnold Gesell. "The Magic Years" by Selma Fraiberg is excellent - my favorite, in fact.

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