Including writing in vacation activities

My child is an imaginative writer. How can I keep her writing over the summer without causing her to feel as if she's back in school?


Summer is a great time to suggest lively activities that naturally incorporate writing. For instance, you might suggest that you child write a play for the neighborhood children to perform. If your child is unfamiliar with the format of a script, ask your local librarian to provide you with examples. Or she might like to begin a family newsletter. Have her write or email extended family members asking about their summer plans. Suggest that she interview older family members about summers past or shared family traditions. After she's gathered the news, she can write articles that help everyone to feel closer, more in touch.

Other natural ways to incorporate writing into your summer plans is to have your child send postcards from local hotspots, keep a summer journal, or write movie or restaurant critiques. Some local newspapers (particularly parenting publications) are happy to publish reviews, poetry, essays or cartoons written by young writers.

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