Info on the net about nursing caries

Dear Kim,

I am very dismayed to say that I have already given my baby nursing caries. That is why I have looked the problem up on the Net. I would like to know more about the treatment etc. It would be helpful for mother's who are trying to educate themselves if you had more info on this. (Don't worry, he has a dental appointment in the a.m., but I would still like to know something on my own).


Dear Joy,

I am planning an article on baby bottle tooth decay sometime in the future. Here are links that have excellent information on this subject (as of November 1997) for you to review.

Topical Index: Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Dental Health Facts - Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

PSA: Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay

Tooth Decay and Dental Caries

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