Insecurity Issues: How to Handle His Ex

Dear Ms. Demeanor

What is the proper way to relate with your husband's ex-wife? I'm asking because right now I have to be friendly with her for the sake of their daughter (whom I happen to love), but deep down I still get jealous when my husband and I see her. Please help.

-- iVillager Cammy


Dear Cammy:

I'd grit my teeth and take the high road if I were you. Anything less would brand you as the scorned woman. Better to live the adage, "Living well is the best revenge."

So make sure you look your best whenever you see her. Be positive. You needn't make an attempt to be her best friend, but a cordial distance is the only way to go here. Never, ever speak ill of her -- that would only make you look bad, not her. And throw yourself into enjoying the life you have. When you look genuinely happy, she might end up feeling jealous of you!

Ms. Demeanor

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