How Should I Furniture In a Small Living Room?

Our small living room is quite a decorating challenge. There is not much open wall space. My furniture includes a sofa, buster chair, ottoman and an entertainment center. How do I arrange a conversation area around my entertainment center with this furniture? --iVillager Loyce


It sounds like you only have one wall where you can possibly put the entertainment center. With that in mind, here are some ideas on how to configure your space:

1. You'll need to place the entertainment center first (because it is the biggest piece of furniture) and then place the rest of your furniture around it. You have no other choice if you only have one wall to work with.

2. Group the furniture around the entertainment center trying different configurations. More than likely the best place for the sofa is directly opposite the TV.

3. You can angle a chair toward the TV when in use, and when not in use, angle it toward the sofa for conversation.

4. If you have room for chair on the other side of the sofa, it would help to provide a nice balance.

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