Is It Normal to Leak Colostrum While Pregnant?

My baby is not due for several months but my breasts have already started to leak. If I continue to leak, will I still have any colostrum left for my baby when she's born? Is leaking colostrum normal in mid pregnancy?


Debbi Donovan

Debbi Donovan is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, as well as a retired La Leche League Leader. For more than a decade, Debbi... Read more

Many women experience some leakage of colostrum during pregnancy, often beginning around the fifth or sixth month. Other women never leak colostrum, though it is still being produced within their breasts.

Your body will produce colostrum for your new baby during her first three to four days of life, transitioning into mature milk by the time she is about two weeks old. There is no reason to worry about your colostrum being "used up." Milk is made within your breasts as your baby nurses. She will have all she needs if she is put to your breast early and often. Best of luck with your baby-to-be!

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