It's almost time to return to work and I can't bear to leave my two-month-old. Help.

My husband and I decided that I would stay home for three months after the birth of our daughter. She is now two months old and I cannot stand the thought of leaving her in two weeks. Will I feel better about it once I get back into the routine of full-time work?


Your feelings are normal, and I’d be concerned if you felt any other way. Share your feelings with your husband, and take some time to consider all options. Be creative. Your choices include delaying your return to work until your children are older, working part-time, working out of your home and staying home until your children are in school. Whatever option you choose, if you’re already breastfeeding, plan to continue. There’s nothing more wonderful than reuniting at the breast.

While it’s hard to live on one income, there are benefits, too. Your daughter will be cared for the by the person who will be the most delighted by her first words, whom she feels safest with and whom she loves most in the world.

For more information on work and parenting, read Returning to Work, Home-to-Work-Transition and How to Store and Prepare Expressed Breast Milk.

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