iVillagers Picks for the Sexiest Foods

There are the usual seductive suspects, chocolate, oysters, champagne of course, but what else should be on the plate? According to our exclusive Sexiest Food Survey, iVillagers think that in addition to the typical aphrodisiacs, you might want to stock up on pizza, cinnamon buns, Brie with honey, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffles, mangos, figs, olive oil, pizza, and sushi to get him in the mood. Sushi?! Um … alrighty. Beginning with the most popular food for romance, here's a look at what some iVillagers had to say about their picks, including how they would eat them.

And the winner is … strawberries! Chocolate covered, dipped in whipped cream, with champagne, iVillagers voted for this fruit above any other food.

''It has to be strawberries and whipped cream. The possibilities are endless as to what can be done with them. There's nothing sexier than feeding your partner a strawberry dipped in whipped cream and then licking off what doesn't make it in the mouth.'' --iVillager autumn11

''The sexiest food in the world has got to be strawberries. Dipped in whipped cream, dipped in chocolate, dropped in a glass of champagne -- yum!'' --iVillager brandy_j1959

''It has to be chocolate-covered strawberries! Not only are they chocolate, sweet and juicy, but they are just the right size to share a bite with that special someone at a special moment.'' --iVillager rosept141

''I think fresh chocolate covered strawberries dipped in Cool Whip are very sexy and can be a lot of fun to eat with your partner -- and can lead to anything.'' --iVillager mayfair3

''Strawberries and champagne are hottest!'' --iVillager dstapes

More Fruits of Love:
''You can drive any man crazy with a cherry in your mouth! Go ahead, try it! Guaranteed to drive them wild and make any woman look sexy!'' --iVillager aprilfool76

''Actually, I immediately thought about a banana.'' --iVillager marydsw

''I really tried to think of something (anything) else, but the food that kept coming into my head was bananas!'' --iVillager elivers

''A frozen banana on a stick dipped in chocolate!'' --iVillager sherribabee

''Has to be, for me, a nice, sweet, fresh fig. Most sensual food I've ever eaten!'' --iVillager vjbme

''Mango is absolutely the sexiest food ever.'' --iVillager shaunarobinson

Eat Your Vegetables:
''I know some of you thought cucumber right away.'' --iVillager twnscrappy

''An artichoke that has been rubbed with lemon and steamed to tenderness gets my vote. You sit and pluck each warm leaf from the bud, dip it in melted butter, place it on your tongue, and close your teeth upon it. Instead of biting it, you slide the succulent morsel between your clenched teeth and savor it. The ultimate is when you get down to the heart, which is a solid piece of delicious flesh. This is sliced with a knife and also bathed in warm butter before devouring. Ummmm ...'' --iVillager barb7007

''Artichokes lightly steamed, the leaves pulled off and dipped into slightly warm extra-virgin (not for long!) olive oil -- oh my is it warm in here?'' --iVillager tami416

Sea of Love:
''Sushi and Malapaque oysters are very uplifting, sensual foods, both in their content and the way in which they are consumed.'' --iVillager serapie

''The sexiest food, absolutely -- sushi. Even for a vegetarian, shitake rolls are super sexy and a smooth white chocolate mousse for dessert. A Chippendale for a waiter doesn't hurt at all either.'' --iVillager judyleon

''This is a hard choice. I would have to say sushi, and the sexiest type of food to eat is Ethiopian -- you eat with your hands, so it is easy to feed each other!'' --iVillager thistlemoon999

''Caviar and here's why (tee-hee). I read that the classic way to eat it is to spoon a little on the crook between your thumb and index finger and then pick it up from there with your tongue or feed it to your significant other (or have it fed to you). I think I read this in Food and Wine magazine. Okay, don't think of the fish eggs , just think of feeding your sweetie. --iVillager ginnysgot3

''Succulent raw oysters are the sexiest food -- cool, smooth, a beautiful aphrodisiac.'' --iVillager nunsworth

A Passion for Pizza

''Okay, don't persecute me, but it has got to be Triple Cheese Pizza -- pizza with three times the cheese of a normal pizza. Its beyond sexy to take a bite and leave a trail that he picks up off the same piece (hee-hee). Plus it is a finger food that is very common, so anyone can take part.'' --iVillager jckw

''My husband is picky. I love strawberries and cool whip, but he doesn't eat them, so for us it would have to be chocolate and pizza. Why pizza? You can feed it to each other and my husband loves pizza.'' --iVillager taboftexas

For Dessert
''It's great hard, or soft, cold or hot, alone or on top of anything -- oh, chocolate! Anything made with it, dipped in it, topped with it. It's so smooth and creamy, yet sweet and sharp. Chocolate does it for me every time.'' --iVillager lissymac

''Maybe it's because my husband baked me a big tin of them for me when we were first dating, but ever since, nothing says lovin' to me than the aroma of Nestle's Tollhouse baking in the oven.'' --iVillager jensaltiel

''Okay, number one -- Lindt chocolate truffles! The 'melt-in-your-mouth' luscious creamy center will make you roll your eyes with pleasure. He will definitely be interested in what makes you react in such a way, but don't share! Tell him that the only way to see what's so special about those little guys is to kiss you. He will be hooked! Not that he needs any encouragement in kissing you, I am sure! Another thing that never fails to send pleasant shivers down my spine is the PB cup pie they make at Nancy's coffee shops. Mmm-mm-mm. Please excuse me now, I need to run and get to the mall! --iVillager pittbullmom

Is there really anything sexier than chocolate? ABSOLUTELY NOT! --iVillager patti_malca

''I find that cinnamon buns are the most all-around perfect sexy food.'' --iVillager janandsweetheart

''Ice cream is my personal favorite! Take ice cream and drizzle it on certain places and parts and lick it off! The coldness of the ice cream is tantalizing and erotic!'' --iVillager lepeka

''Ohhhhhhh, orange and green Jell-O. Definitely these two Jell-O's. Make up tons and tons of Jell-O, fill up your bath tub with it, add a partner and oh boy you are set -- yummmmmmmyyyyyy.'' --iVillager 1718incan

Body Talk: ''Eating with your fingers, feeding your partner -- lobster. No eating utensils needed (actually, to do it correctly, clothing optional!) Lots of slippery butter, giggles, sharing and …'' --iVillager vermonster

''The best thing to dip into melted chocolate is skin -- oh la la!'' --iVillager tami416

''Black pitted olives slipped on your finger and fed to your loved one.'' --iVillager stowmom

''Anything can be sexy -- if you share it. There's nothing better than eating off the same plate, and experiencing the same taste sensations. Phew!'' --iVillager kwhanley

''The sexiest food has to be finger food, and by that I mean items that you can feed each other. I usually like to melt a wedge of Brie with some honey drizzled on it and serve the melted Brie with apples and grapes and of course, some bread. It is the yummiest dish for two! --iVillager makbobo

''A meaningful look and any finger food he feeds you!'' --iVillager lass2000

''Olive oil. You can rub it, you can dip it, plus Italian bread. Let your imagination go wild.'' --iVillager sharose5


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