December 21, 2014

NOV 07 over 2 years ago
Diane Sawyer Creates Buzz Post-Loopy Election Coverage
Drunk, tired or spirited? Viewers were open with their opinions on the veteran news anchor's peculiar behavior on Election Night
NOV 07 over 2 years ago
Cheers and Jeers for Obamaâs Big Win

The votes are in and President Obama has another 4 years in the White House. Now, iVoices Beth Engelman, Liz Henry and Marie Stroughter chime in on the country’s decision. Find out what these Democrats and Republicans have to say about the election.

NOV 08 over 2 years ago
iVillage 5
Malia and Sasha Obama: Four More Years at the White House?

The Obama girls, Malia and Sasha, learn they’ll be in Washington for four more years, or more likely three for Malia who will actually be going to college in her father’s final year as president. OMG! Plus, Diane Sawyer’s bizarre Election Night behavior, the new girl power in the Senate and in the state of New Hampshire, and how there is already talk about 2016 – 1500 days before the next election!

NOV 07 over 2 years ago
How Mitt Romney Lost to Himself

The GOP candidate is to blame for last night’s election results, says iVoice Melissa Clouthier.

NOV 05 over 2 years ago
Election Day Surprise: Year of the Woman!

20 years after the first 'Year of the Woman' in congressional races, we may see another -- and this one may leave women with a bigger role in Washington than ever before!