Jar baby foods: When should you start feeding to your baby?

My son is almost five months old. We are having a hard time to get him to eat cereal -- which he was enjoying before. Today I made some acorn squash and we gave him a tablespoon of it, but now we're wondering if that is okay. When do you start giving your baby food from the jar?


Sue Gilbert

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It is fine to begin adding pureed baby foods to your son's diet. I would continue to offer him the cereal, hoping that he will take it, as the iron in it is important in his diet. (I am assuming you are feeding the iron-fortified variety.) You can add to his diet, single pureed fruits and vegetables that have no added salts or sugars. Table foods that have been made to an appropriate consistency are great to feed him, you just need to judge that they are appropriate baby foods. For example, if you are eating cooked carrots that are coated in butter and salt, you may want to fix his before you add the butter and salt. He is still too young to have many of the seasonings and additives that we use as adults on our foods.

Jarred baby foods are very user friendly, and often have an age range on them, so you can choose the correct jarred baby foods to feed you son. He will be ready to try many of the pureed fruits and vegetables that are offered. No doubt your homemade foods are much tastier and fresher, so if you have the time, it would be wonderful if you could continue to make those a big part of his diet.

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