Jennifer Hudson's Next Goal? Fit into Her Wedding Dress!

The actress-singer dishes about her weight-loss journey, her sexy new body and her upcoming wedding day

Many brides start stepping up their fitness routines in the months before their wedding day -- but Jennifer Hudson lost the weight with plenty of time to spare. The Oscar winner (who has dropped 80 pounds over the past few years) tells iVillage that she's happy with the way her body looks. Now she just has to keep it that way.

"I have to maintain my weight so I can fit into my dress," says the bride-to-be, who became engaged to David Otunga in 2008. "That's the thing. When it was being made, we had to alter it because I'm losing weight and I'm losing weight. So now I need to be able to maintain it."

So, she has the dress. Does that mean the Big Day is coming up soon? "Obviously," she says. "But I'm not telling when!"

When iVillage caught up with the 30-year-old actress-singer she also dished about her new memoir I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down, shared her fiance's reaction to her new body, and explained why it was her 2-year-old son, David Jr., who finally inspired her to drop the pounds.

You're the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Why did you choose that program?
It was the best plan for me out of all the options. When I first heard about it, I was like, "Whoa! This sounds like what I've been trying to do." And it seemed most natural and most healthy.

What was the hardest part of your weight-loss journey?
Getting out of the diet mentality. Because Weight Watchers is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. When I started, I was so set in my frame of depriving myself of certain things. And it took a long time for my Weight Watchers leader to get me out of that mentality.

Do you ever have cheat days?
That's the greatest thing about Weight Watchers. Say I've eaten all my points for today, I've still got 49 flex points from the week to pull from. So as long as I stay within that realm, you're never cheating.

What's your favorite guilty-pleasure food?
Chocolate. I love chocolate. I have chocolate every day. It's like cigarettes for me. Like when people say, "Ok I gotta go smoke and relax," that's what chocolate is for me.

What does your fiance think of your new body?
He's like, "I am so impressed and blown away." At first it took him awhile to get adjusted. Like, I remember one time he said, "You might want to slow up on the strength training." But now he's like, "Wow." Because he watched the entire journey from when I first started. He's been very supportive. And one of my favorite things is going out to dinner with him. He picks the best, healthiest restaurants.

Do you work together on your fitness routines?
We're on two completely different journeys. That's what part of my book is, to let people know that we all have our own goals for ourselves. Although we're both health conscious, we're on two completely different paths. He's trying to be a body builder, and I don't want to be that. I just want to look good in my clothes and feel good and be healthy. So I'm not drinking protein shakes or being in the gym for four hours a day. Oh, no!

You've mentioned that your son inspired you to lose weight. Why was that?
We wanted to set an example for our son. My fiance is a body builder and wrestler, so he's really beyond me into fitness. We were having a conversation one day, and we realized that we didn't learn about how important health was or how wrong we were eating growing up until we were in our 20s and on our own. So, we made a point to set an example for our son.

Have you started teaching him about healthy eating?
He's already into it. Every morning he's like, "Mommy, nana." Meaning he wants a banana. He prefers those things. He likes to have his snacks and his treats, too, and I make sure he gets those. But when I give him the option he goes for the healthy choices.

Two years ago, you said that your son, David Jr., was showing an interest in music. Is that still the case?
He's coming into his own. He's into music. He's into what Mommy does, he's into what Daddy does. But he likes to switch it up. He likes to wrestle Mommy down and then sing to Dada. I'm like, "Can we sing a song, and you wrestle Dada, instead?" But he's a little entertainer. He's very creative and he has a huge personality.

Are there other ways you're seeing your personality in him?
Oh yes, definitely. And it teaches me about myself. Seeing how creative he is, how personable he is, how he holds his own. I'm like, "Wow, he has that much in him? How much of that was in me for my child to come out that way?"

Last time we talked, you said you wanted two more children. Is that still true?
I want little girls so bad! So at least two children. And I wouldn't mind adopting a third one. So having two and then maybe adopting one. There are so many kids out there that need some love.

You said on Dateline that you were angry when your first album cover was Photoshopped to make you look thinner. Are you still concerned with that?
That was my first experience on my first album and my first experience walking into the music industry. Because, really, I started in film, where it was OK for me to be the big girl, and they wanted me to gain weight. And then I walked into the music industry, and they're like, "Well, you can't be a superstar at that size." So it was a huge shock. I was like, "Hold on now. Why would you try to fix something that's obviously not broken?" So it does make me more concerned and more watchful of what goes out.

What's the best thing about your new body?
Shopping, hands down! Again, I'm still getting used to my new self. I've gotten used to being the big girl. So now it's like, "Who am I now, and how do I want to be perceived?" So it's fun figuring that out for myself. And my style is far more flexible now. It's far more fun and exciting, as far as fashion.

Are you making any changes to your routine to prep for your wedding?
I'm happy with where I am. The only thing now is that I have to maintain my weight so I can fit into my dress. That’s the thing. When it was being made, we had to alter it because I'm losing weight and I'm losing weight. So now I need to be able to maintain it.

Is the date coming up?
Obviously. But I'm not telling when!

You've achieved so much over the past few years. What's your next big goal?
I've been blessed to do so many different things. I just want to be around for many years to come and just see where my creativity leads me. At times, I feel like my life is like watching my own little movie. Like, "Where is it going now? Now what am I doing now?" I just roll with the punches as it goes a long.

Ali Gray is iVillage's Senior Associate Entertainment Editor. Follow her on Twitter: @thealigray

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