Kiddie partial for 19 month-old?

My 19 month old had her two front teeth (top) removed due to tooth decay. The dentist has recommended a kiddie partial to replace the teeth. What do you think?


Dear Brenda,

Because your child is so young, I would also probably recommend something to replace those two front teeth for several reasons. First, even though the front teeth are not quite as critical for holding the place for permanent teeth as the back teeth, this is still one of their roles. The upper anterior permanent teeth usually don't erupt until around the age of 7 years; therefore, without a placeholder, the other teeth may do some drifting and cause problems with spacing or eruption of the permanent teeth.

The front teeth play an important role in phonetics. As your daughter's speech develops, she may have trouble making "th" and other sounds if her front teeth are absent. A partial will also esthetically enhance your daughter's smile. Physical appearance can affect self-esteem. I hope you will consider the "kiddie" partial, which may have to be remade as your daughter grows.

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