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I am 58 years old and short. My clothes are not the problem... Well, most of the time anyway. The problem is when I get to the shoes. Everything looks good in heels, but due to wearing heels my entire adult life and some genetic problems, I cannot do heels any longer.

I will take my great outfit and once I get to the shoes, it all goes bad. I feel and look short and dumpy no matter what I try. Should I try shortening my pants and skirts? I find that the pointier the shoe, the better it looks, but those are hard to find now (without spending an absolute fortune).

Any suggestions?

--Joy, iVillage member jvpd



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My feet are worn out from wearing heels too. Here are some ideas:

Elongate your look by wearing monochromatic tones -- for example, a gray top and pants or skirt for a longer, leaner silhouette.

Shorten your skirts and dresses to just above the knee if your knees are good or mid-knee otherwise.

Again, keep a long clean line if possible -- for example, black hosiery, black shoes with a black skirt and black top. You can add color with accessories.

Nude shoes and a nude leg will help your legs appear longer and so will knee-high boots. For height and comfort, try a platform shoe. They are like walking in elevated flats. They are readily available today, and will be very big spring 2011.

A pointy toe shoe, shoes with toe cleavage, and fitted boots to the knee will also give your legs a longer look. Chunky shoes and ankle straps will make your legs appear shorter, so stay away from those!

Experiment with these ideas and let me know what you think!

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