Kiss and Tell: iVillagers' Best Kisses

My best kiss is permanently emblazoned on my mind. We were both sixteen, and he stood 5'6" to my 5'10", but it didn't matter because the moment was just right. It was Valentine's Day and he had given me one single red rose. I thought I would melt. He was only the second boy I'd ever kissed and we broke up one week later, but to my teenage mind our kiss spelled l-o-v-e. It was soft and sweet and somewhat tentative. Truly inspired kisses like that are magical moments that occur when the ambiance, sexual tension, anticipation and (hopefully) love combine perfectly. As you page through your memory, can you remember one specific kiss that really stood out? We asked iVillagers to share their "best kiss" stories with us, and they sent us these touching and toe-tingling accounts. Get ready to sigh, cry -- and learn some great kissing tips.

First Loves and First Kisses

One night when I was home by myself, a friend I was madly infatuated with came over to visit. We were sitting in the living room with no lights on, just a candle. He leaned over and said, "You know you really have to watch out when the candle goes out." Then he blew out the candle and leaned over to kiss me. Our first kiss. Thank God for memories! --Sharon

My best kiss was my first kiss with my first love. We were both nervous and I was pretty sure I was going to back out. He looked at me, told me to close my eyes, open my hand and trust him. He pulled me close and kissed me. The kiss was so innocent, sweet and electrifying. That was the best and most unforgettable kiss. --whaplayet

Kisses that Last a Lifetime

I was on spring break with my girlfriends. My husband and I met on the last night of my trip and we spent the whole night talking (really!) on the beach. When I returned home we talked on the phone for three months, sometimes four or five times a day. We began a beautiful friendship and fell in love over the phone. When I finally saw him again, we kissed in the airport, and everyone around us seemed to disappear. That was my best kiss. --Karrie

My best kiss was with my husband. I was four months pregnant with our son. One night we were coming home from dinner at his parents' house, which is in the mountains near Yosemite. Driving along the mountain road, "our" song came on: Tim McGrew's "It's Your Love." My husband pulled the car off to the side of the road and told me to get out of the car. Surprised, I asked why, but he said, "Just do it." I was a little hesitant, because I wasn't sure what he was doing. But when he came around to my side of the car, he pulled my hand next to his heart and wrapped the other around my waist. I could hear the music from the radio in the background as we started to dance, right there in the moonlight along the road with all the cars rushing by. He took my face in his hands and said, "I love you more than my heart can hold," and then he kissed me. --Michele

My best kiss was with my (now) fiance. It was our very first kiss ever, and when our lips touched, it was like every corny love novel I have ever read. I could actually feel electricity as our lips met and shivers ran up and down my spine! That one kiss seemed to last forever and by the time it was over, I was ready for more. I want to be lip-locked with my honey every day for the rest of our lives! --cl-kimi111

My first kiss with my fiance was absolutely amazing. We were coworkers, and good friends, so he knew I had a severe weakness for chocolate. He emailed me one afternoon, and lured me up to his office with promises of chocolate kisses. I got those -- and more! The chocolate was long gone, along with my heart, by the time that first kiss ended. --Talya

My most special kiss was when I met my cyberlove for the first time. We met at the airport and our kiss took my breath away. It was so lovely I moved to a whole different country to be with him! Thinking about it -- and what followed -- makes me blush! --Natasha

My best kiss was definitely the first time I kissed my husband. On our first date he didn't kiss me (though I tried to get him to!). Instead, he asked me to go to his cabin for the weekend. If it had been any other guy I would have said no, but something told me he would be a perfect gentleman, and he was. We didn't kiss until our last day there. It was pure magic! I knew at that moment that I was in love and that I would be with this person forever. We got married two years later and every kiss is still magic. --Aubrey

Surprisingly Great Kisses

The best kiss I ever had was from a guy I really didn't think I liked (he had a reputation as a ladies' man), so it came as a surprise to me that our kiss was so good. He called me eight times in one hour, asking me to go out with him. I finally agreed, but only if he would stop calling and leave me alone. Simple, I thought, but when he kissed me everything changed. The kiss was so good I kept on seeing him. We have been happily married now for twenty years. --mpv1001

The most life-changing kiss I ever received was a very nervous, quick kiss. The guy and I had been friends for nine years, and suddenly our platonic friendship caught fire and blossomed into a hot, passionate relationship. Nine month after that kiss we moved in together, and two years later I'm still with my wonderful man. --Linda

Fond Memories

My absolute best kiss was with my ex-boyfriend. We went for coffee and when we left the shop, it was raining. He grabbed me around the waist and we started running toward a small park. We stopped under an overhang to get out of the rain. He pulled me to him and planted a kiss on me that made me tingle down to my toes. We kissed until the rain started to ease up. Then we ran down into the train station where we continued to kiss until my train came. It was the most romantic, passionate kissfest ever! --buttgirl

I remember my first kiss clearly. It was a cool winter night, the moon and stars were crystal clear, and my date was walking me home. We were laughing and talking. When we reached my driveway, he grabbed my hand and said, "I have to show you something," and led me into the backyard. There he wrapped me in his arms and tilted my face up to his. He kissed me very gently and sweetly. Then he whispered, "That's what I had to show you -- how much I care for you." It still makes me happy whenever I think of it. --Louise

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