Lauren Luke: Is Your Tween Interested in Makeup?

I am 11 and on my summer vacation. I want to look different. Can you help me with tips for using light makeup?

Lauren Luke

Lauren Luke

Lauren Luke is a celebrity makeup guru and YouTube sensation.Her makeup how-to videos on YouTube struck a chord with women and have... Read more

Firstly, hiya to you! I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation.

You are young and, no doubt, will have fantastic skin, so you can easily skip foundation.

For a light, basic makeup look, I would recommend you use a moisturizer to act as a great base (preferably one with SPF). Moisturizer will help you pop a little blusher to your cheeks and soften it out easier than applying to dry skin, but you don't need much. Try a light pink to give a fresh glow. You could even use a cream blush as this can be less intense.

For your eyes, I would suggest you stick with just a coat or two of mascara as this really opens up the eyes and makes them appear brighter without looking over-done.

Apply a little Vaseline to your eye brows to add a little shape and to keep them in place. It also darkens them out without the use of color.

For your lips, I would advise something between clear to light pink lip gloss. Lip gloss is very young and funky, and you only need a little to feel made up.

I hope you enjoy your new makeup ideas! Also, please keep this in mind that whilst makeup is for fun; personality is for life and that's what comes through as the prettiest.

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