Lauren Luke

Celebrity makeup guru and YouTube sensation

Lauren Luke is a celebrity makeup guru and YouTube sensation.

Her makeup how-to videos on YouTube struck a chord with women and have received over 77 million views! Since becoming a YouTube star she has become a powerhouse brand and built a beauty empire. There's the Nintendo DS game -- Supermodel Makeover by Lauren Luke (which finally convinced her 11-year-old son that she really was famous), her makeup line By Lauren Luke, sold at Sephora, and her best-selling book Lauren Luke Looks: 25 Celebrity and Everyday Makeup Tutorials which just came out this spring. The book is packed with step-by-step recreations of the makeup looks of the celebrities her fans love (Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Katy Perry). Her unpretentious anyone-can-do-it videos really caught on when she duplicated Leona Lewis’s makeup from her Bleeding Love video.

"I love makeup because it can transform you," she says. It's certainly transformed Luke's life. The charismatic but down-to-earth single mom wants to stay true to her beliefs. "The only thing I really want to do is keep the voice and get the message out there, to let everyone know they're special," she says.



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