Lefty or Righty: When Do You Need to Know?

My son is in kindergarten and the occupational therapist is pressuring him to choose one hand for writing. He is comfortable right now using both hands. She insists that the tests show that he is right handed, but he uses his left hand more often. I am frustrated that the therapist is forcing the issue unnecessarily. How should we handle this situation?


Communication, as always, is the key to resolving conflict. In order for the adults involved to make the best mutual decision regarding your son, all parties should sit down together and discuss your son's situation. This would include you, the regular classroom teacher(s), the occupational therapist, the principal, the physical education teacher and anyone else who works closely with your son. Each participant (including you, of course) should share observations and opinions regarding your son's strengths and weaknesses, particularly in the area of fine motor skills. Based on the information provided, the group should be able to make an educated decision about how to proceed with your son.

Your son is still quite young and may need more time with the therapist before deciding on which hand he favors for writing. It may even come to pass that he uses one hand for certain activities and the opposite hand for other activities. Meeting with the people that work with him at school is the best way to get all of the information into one forum for everyone to review and comment upon before making further decisions about his treatment.

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