Likes or Yikes Awards
  • Yikes! Nastiest Celebrity Feud

    The claws are out! Which star battle had you jumping to take sides?

    • Christina Aguilera vs. Kelly Osbourne Feud Christina Aguilera vs. Kelly Osbourne

      Osbourne reignited their nine-year-old feud in August, calling the singer a "fat b****" on E!'s 'Fashion Police' (and doing it again in October).

    • Sarah Hyland vs. Lea Michele Feud Sarah Hyland vs. Lea Michele

      The 'Glee' star took offense at the 'Modern Family' actress' unflattering impression of her on (what else?) E!'s 'Fashion Police.'

    • Snooki vs. The Situation Feud Snooki vs. The Situation

      He says they hooked up. She says it never happened. "I would rather cut my legs off than date Mike," Snooki told Wendy Williams.

    • Elisabeth Hasselbeck vs. Bill Maher Feud Elisabeth Hasselbeck vs. Bill Maher

      After he made an off-color crack about her on 'Politically Incorrect,' 'The View' cohost took the comedian to task on her own show.

    • Jonah Hill vs. Matthew Morrison Feud Jonah Hill vs. Matthew Morrison

      Did the 'Glee' star humiliate the 'Moneyball' star at a Hollywood event, as Hill told Jimmy Fallon -- or was it all a joke?

  • Likes! Cutest New Celebrity Couple

    Move over, Brangelina! Which adorable new twosome is giving Hollywood's power couple a run for their money?

  • Likes! Most Inspiring Celebrity Hero

    Talented, attractive and kind-hearted? Which star's act of good will won you over?

    • Ryan Gosling - Inspiring Celeb Hero Ryan Gosling

      Caught on video breaking up an N.Y.C. street fight over a stolen painting, when asked later about his valiant effort, he said, "I'm embarrassed." Aww!

    • Kate Winslet - Inspiring Celeb Hero Kate Winslet

      The Oscar winner carried Richard Branson's 90-year-old mother out of a burning house (after putting on a bra!).

    • Brad Pitt - Inspiring Celeb Hero Brad Pitt

      The actor saved a 'World War Z' extra from being trampled by an army of movie zombies in Glasgow, Scotland.

    • Jon Bon Jovi - Inspiring Celeb Hero Jon Bon Jovi

      The rocker opened a "pay what you can" charity restaurant -- where no one is refused a meal -- in his N.J. hometown.

  • Most Unusual Celebrity Baby Name

    This year, star parents got really creative when it came to their newborns' names. Which offspring's moniker was most out-of-the-box?

    • Mariah Carey -- Moroccan Moroccan

      Mariah Carey named her son after the room where Nick Cannon proposed, while her daughter was bestowed with Monroe (after Marilyn).

    • Viola Davis -- Genesis Genesis

      Viola Davis is over the moon about her adopted baby girl -- although the media first reported that Genesis was a boy!

    • Natalie Portman -- Aleph Aleph

      Natalie Portman and fiance Benjamin Millepied named their first son after the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

    • Jewel -- Kase Townes Kase Townes

      Jewel took her son's name from pro bull-rider hubby Ty Murray's best friend Kase, and her fave singer, Townes Van Zandt.

    • January Jones -- Xander Xander

      January Jones has left us all to speculate about the identity of her son's father -- and the origin of his name. Perhaps she's a 'Buffy' fan?

    • Alicia Silverstone -- Bear Blu Bear Blu

      Alicia Silverstone gave her vegan baby a suitably nature-based name, a combo of her and hubby Christopher Jarecki's top two choices.

  • Yikes! Most Surprising Celebrity Split

    Whether they were married for 25 years or 72 days, these duos failed to make their love last. Which breakup caught you off guard?

    • Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Split Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

      Many fans doubted that this whirlwind couple would be together forever -- but we expected more than 72 days!

    • Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Split Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher

      Their affectionate six-year marriage seemed like one of Hollywood's most successful, but it couldn't survive Ashton's reported infidelities.

    • Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Split Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

      With seven years of marriage, a shared career and two beautiful kids, these two seemed to have it all -- until they suddenly called it quits.

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver Split Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver

      Their divorce was a long time coming, but the revelation of their housekeeper's love child with the Governator was a shock to everyone.

  • Yikes! Lindsay Lohan's Biggest Yikes of the Year

    Everyone has a bad day now and then -- but for LiLo, it was a bad year. Hey, at least her hair looks good!

    • Lindsay Lohan Bad Teeth That Not-So-Bright Smile

      At an October event, Lindsay Lohan flashed a mouthful of icky brown teeth, sparking rumors of drug use (or maybe just a toothpaste shortage).

    • Lindsay Lohan Jewel Thief Jewel Theft

      In May, Lindsay was placed under house arrest after pleading no contest to "borrowing" a necklace from a jewelry store.

    • Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot Fifth Time's The Charm

      In November, Lilo served her fifth jail sentence before the age of 26. Her latest probation violation: blowing off community service hours.

    • Lindsay Lohan Worked at Morgue Seeing Dead People

      We thought Lohan had hit rock bottom with her house arrest. Then she started doing janitorial duty at the morgue...

    • Lindsay Lohan Thros Cocktail at Waitress Fashion-Week Fiasco

      Lindsay got herself banned from two parties during the N.Y.C. event -- one for hurling a glass at a cocktail waitress.

    • Lindsay Lohan Playboy Full Frontal

      What better way to cap off Lohan's banner year than with a fully nude 'Playboy' photo shoot?

  • Yikes! Most Shocking Celebrity Arrest

    Which celebrity were you most surprised to see having a run-in with the law?

    • Christina Aguilera -- Arrest Christina Aguilera

      Arrested for public intoxication, the singer later declared she was "a victim of celebrity."

    • Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage

      Arrested for raging drunkenly through the streets of New Orleans in April, Cage had to be bailed out by Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman. 

    • Lindsay Lohan -- Arrest Lindsay Lohan

      Maybe "shocking" is too strong a word for this repeat offender, but seriously: shoplifting?

    • Estella Warren -- Arrest Estella Warren

      Not the biggest celeb to get a DUI this year, but the only one who kicked a cop, escaped her cuffs and tried to make a run for it.

  • Yikes! Worst-Behaved Celebrity

    These stars all shined when it came to acting out -- but who was the most offensive?

    • Charlie Sheen -- Celebs Behaving Badly Charlie Sheen

      Where to begin? The meltdown, the media tour, the goddesses -- or his confession that "I am on a drug: it's called Charlie Sheen?"

    • Whitney Houston -- Celebs Behaving Badly Whitney Houston

      Checked back into rehab this spring, but can still throw diva fits sober: she nearly got kicked off a plane in October.

    • Chris Brown -- Celebs Behaving Badly Chris Brown

      After being questioned about his history of violence during a 'GMA' interview, he went ballistic backstage and smashed a window.

    • Gerard Depardieu -- Celebs Behaving Badly Gerard Depardieu

      Peed on the floor of an airplane -- an incident that later sent Anderson Cooper into fits of giggles.

    • Lindsay Lohan -- Celebs Behaving Badly Lindsay Lohan

      Crashing parties, stealing jewelry, ignoring court orders: just another year in the life of a Lohan. 

  • Yikes (Untrue) Rumor of the Year

    Tabloids do get things wrong from time to time. Which false story was the most egregious?

  • Likes! Charlie Sheen's Most Memorable Catchphrase

    So little time, so many Sheenius quotes! Which of Charlie's bon mots is your favorite?

    • Charlie Sheen -- Adonis Adonis DNA

      It's the thing that makes him "a total frickin rock star from Mars," as he told 'Today.'

    • Charlie Sheen -- Vatican Warlock Assassin Vatican Warlock Assassin

      We still have no idea what this means.

    • Charlie Sheen -- Tiger Blood Tiger Blood

      Sheen's explanation for how he survived all that hard living: "I got tiger blood, man. Dying's for fools."

    • Charlie Sheen -- Winning Duh, Winning!

      Not only did Sheen say this about a thousand times, he got it tattooed on his wrist.

  • Likes! Best New TV Show

    Which hit freshman series went straight to the top of your must-watch list?

    • 'Up All Night' 'Up All Night'

      Will Arnett and Christina Applegate juggle work, life and a new baby in this sweetly hilarious NBC sitcom.

    • 'New Girl' 'New Girl'

      It didn't take long for Zooey Deschanel to sing her way into our hearts as quirky Jess in this good-hearted FOX comedy.

    • '2 Broke Girls' '2 Broke Girls'

      Streetwise Kat Dennings and clueless Beth Behr make one of TV's best new odd couples on this Brooklyn diner-based CBS comedy.

    • 'Revenge' 'Revenge'

      An old story becomes new again in ABC's addictive drama of lies, privilege, and very dark secrets.

    • 'The X Factor' 'The X Factor'

      Simon Cowell's super-sized FOX talent competition managed to give 'American Idol' a run for its money.

  • Biggest Oops! Wardrobe Malfunction

    Sometimes stars' nips have a mind of their own! Which celeb slip was breast in show?

    • Jennifer Lopez Wardrobe Malfunction Jennifer Lopez

      The peril of outdoor interviews: when a gust of wind blew up her dress up on German TV, J-Lo pushed it back down -- and popped out of her top!

    • Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction Nancy Grace

      The family-friendly 'Dancing with the Stars' briefly veered into R-rated territory this year, when the news pundit took a cleavage-exposing dip.

    • Lady Gaga Lady Gaga

      She exposed her boobs at the CFDA Fashion Awards -- almost as big a faux pas as accidentally swearing at Anna Wintour!

    • Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction Nicki Minaj

      Fell out of her very low-cut tube top during a live 'GMA' performance. That's one way to say "good morning!"

    • Khloe Kardashian Wardrobe Malfunction Khloe Kardashian

      Didn't notice when her nipple peeked through her shirt for an entire 'Fox & Friends' interview. Not that she cared.

  • Likes! Hottest Celeb of the Year

    These stars had career years in 2011 -- but which one truly stood out from the pack?

    • Adele - Hottest Celeb of the Year Adele

      Her incredible voice and heartbreaking songs made '21' the year's best-selling album -- and we love that her weight doesn't rule her life.

    • Ryan Gosling - Hottest Celeb of the Year Ryan Gosling

      Gorgeous, soulful, talented -- and practically caused a riot when he was overlooked when 'People' magazine named this year's Sexiest Man Alive!

    • Beyonce - Hottest Celeb of the Year Beyonce

      Hands-down, one of the hardest-working women in show biz. If anything, pregnancy has made Sasha Fierce even fiercer!

    • Emma Stone - Hottest Celeb of the Year Emma Stone

      She's an "it girl" now, but with her refreshing sense of humor, knockout looks and major likeability, she may also be the next Julia Roberts.

    • Melissa McCarthy Melissa McCarthy