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My parents currently are remodeling our home. Mom has these bathroom lights that are a recreation of some fixtures from the Victorian era. Even though they were told to not touch them, the electricians took one of them out and threw it away. They threw away our ceiling fan fixtures, too. Everywhere we go, all the fixtures are either the ultra-modern look or that ugly Tuscan look. Where can we go to get Victorian-style bathroom lighting fixtures in antiqued brass?

— iVillage user jamisings


Have you tried online? There is a wealth of fixture sources on the Web, from online stores to eBay. I found at least 20 online stores when I Googled, "Victorian lighting fixtures." You might also be surprised by the variety your local home-decor store carries. It will be much harder to find a replacement that matches your old fixture. Instead, look for a new pair that has a similar look and feel as your original. If you can't find something that closely resembles the old fixtures, you may need to try something slightly different. There are so many different options available—I bet you will end up liking the new pair as much as the original.

Hope this helps!

Susanna Salk, decorating expert, blogger and iVillage contributor

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