TV Recap: Lost February 28, 2008

stormy weather...

Desmond, Frank and Sayid fly over the water.  While they are flying, Frank looks at coordinates on a memo pad.  The sky looks gray and they start coming into some rougher weather.  As they are traveling, Frank struggles with the helicopter.  Desmond starts to freak out and messes with his seatbelt.  Then a flash to Desmond's past...

Here Desmond is serving in the military.  He shows up late to the morning call, and his superior makes the whole group go out in the rain to do push ups and sit-ups.  The entire time their captain is yelling at his unit. 

Then back in the helicopter, Desmond wants to jump out of the plane so he tries to remove his seatbelt.  Sayid tries to hold onto him, and Frank wants to know what's wrong with Desmond.  All seems lost for them, but something is really wrong with Desmond here.  Desmond then looks up at Sayid and asks, "Who are you?"

At the beach, Jack, Juliet, Daniel and Charlotte are talking because he’s panicked that they haven’t heard from Sayid and Desmond.  Daniel then asks Charlotte, “Should we tell them?”  Charlotte disagrees then Daniel says that he told them to make sure they stayed on course.  Jack says it’s been a day and a half since his friends left so they need to let them know what’s going on.  And Daniel shares that it hasn’t exactly been a day and a half.  That’s just Jack’s perception of time. 

On the helicopter, Frank tells the guys it’s only a matter of minutes.  The conditions start to clear, and Desmond takes out a picture of him and Penny.  Sayid looks down to see the ship coming into view.  Frank lands the helicopter on the boat.  And a guy from the ship starts yelling at Frank as the group deboards.  He wants to know who Sayid and Desmond are.  Desmond continues to act bizarre and the crewmen want to take him to “sick bay” or the infirmary…whatever.  Sayid tries to protect Desmond, but he realizes these guys just want to help.  So the crewmen take Desmond to the infirmary and lock him inside. 

still haven’t found…

Sayid quizzically walks the boat and watches Frank get reamed by some guy.  Frank comes down to Sayid.  Sayid asks what is happening to Desmond.  Sayid wants to know how they left at dusk but landed in the middle of the day.  Frank promises that he’s trying to help him.  Sayid wants to call Jack, but Frank won’t just give up the phone.  Sayid has to trade…his gun for the phone.  Sayid agrees.

Sayid calls Jack.  Sayid says something happened during the flight and Desmond is sick.  Jack puts Sayid on speaker.  Daniel asks if Desmond has been exposed to radiation.  Daniel says going and coming from the island causes some people to get confused.  Juliet asks if its amnesia, but Daniel says its not.

On the boat, Desmond tries to communicate with the other patient who seems comatose.  The doctor comes into their room as the patient starts freaking out.    The doctor fills up a syringe.  The patient says nothing can stop it.  Desmond wants to know what’s going on…and understandably flips out since he already doesn’t recognize Sayid.  The doctor just wants to look at Desmond’s eyes.  Clearly Desmond is unsure.  The doctor says he just wants to help him.  Well at least Desmond knows his own name.  The doctor wants to know the last thing Desmond remembers. 

Flash to being back at a base camp.  Clean cut.  Short hair.  Puts money in an old school phone.  Talks to Penny.  She seems to not want any contact with him.  Desmond says he’s in trouble and confused.  Penny reveals that Desmond broke up with her then up and joined the army.  She doesn’t know him anymore.  He says that he has two days leave and he wants to see her.  She doesn’t want to see him.  

Sayid and Frank bust into the infirmary.  They get the doctor away from Sayid and the doctor pushes the alarm.  Sayid hands Desmond the phone and says he must speak to Daniel.  Daniel talks to Desmond…he asks what year Desmond thinks it is.  Desmond thinks its 1996.  Daniel wants to know where Desmond thinks he was before the boat.  He thinks he’s north of Glasgow at base camp.   Next time it happens he wants him to go Oxford to the physics department.  Desmond asks why and Daniel says that he needs Desmond to find him.  WTF?!?  Sayid holds the door with Frank but they won’t hold it for much longer.  Daniel gives Desmond some very specific numbers (coordinates?) and then if all else fails Desmond should mention Eloise.  Desmond writes all this on his hand.  

traveling without moving…

Daniel frantically searches for his journal in his backpack.  He explains that displacement can take hours or years.  Some people just lose a little bit of time…others can go back in time.

Back at the base camp, Desmond is in the phone booth on the phone.  He looks at his hand for the numbers but they aren’t there.  He goes to Oxford during his day of leave.   Daniel is there with long hair and looking kind nerdy.  Well nerdier.   Desmond says something about the future.  Daniel in the past questions the validity of his question.  He thinks someone put Desmond up to it.   As Daniel walks away, Desmond gives him the coordinates that Daniel from the future gave him.  Then he cinches it by saying the name “Eloise.” 

Daniel takes Desmond to some lab.  Daniel plays with some system that looks like an 8th grade science project.  He puts on a radiation smock.  Desmond asks if he needs one, but Daniel says it’s only from over exposure that he requires it.  He grabs Eloise…Eloise is the rat.  He says if the coordinates are correct then Eloise will go and come back.  So confusing.  So smart.  If she gets the maze then she did the time travel. 

Back in the present day, Desmond is still fighting for the phone.  It’s taken from him.  The other patient says that Penny has been calling the boat…and before he went crazy that’s where he was command control…talking to Penny when the red light went off.

back to you…

Sayid, Desmond and the communications officer are in the “hospital room.”  Desmond says he needs to call Penny.  Sayid asks why.  Desmond doesn’t know who Sayid is but he asks for his help because Sayid seems to know Desmond.  The crazy guy says that the communications room was destroyed.  Could it be by Ben’s goon?  Hmmm… he is hell bent on keeping the outside world…OUT. 

In a flashback, Desmond goes to see Penny’s father at an auction house (aka Bradford Meade..Ugly Betty).  Desmond walks with him out of the bidding floor.  Desmond tells him that he needs to get in touch with Penny.  They are in the men’s room… which is kinda weird.  Desmond wants to know why Penny’s dad hates him so much.  He gives Desmond Penny’s address just to prove Penny’s resolve in getting rid of Desmond.  Stupid, stupid man. 

Back to the present Desmond comes back, crazy guy, Sayid and Desmond go the radio room to fix the equipment so Desmond can call Penny.   It is explained by crazy guy that the closer the boat got to the island because one of the crewmembers started going nuts.  Well eventually he died.  Bad fate it seems.  Sayid dives into the broken equipment.    The guy starts to die and Sayid is business as usual.  Desmond starts to get a nosebleed.  The guy continues to bleed form his eyes, nose and mouth and the guy says he can’t get back.  He’s almost seizing.  Then he dies.  Sayid asks what happened to him.  Desmond says the same things that are going to happen to me.  AHHHHH!!!  This show is crazy.

 back to the future…

 Desmond wakes on the bathroom floor in the auction house.  He looks at himself in the mirror and seems to recall his task.  He goes to Penny’s house and knocks on the door.    Penny answers the door and she asks what he’s doing.  He eventually convinces Penny to let him into her place.  He says that eight years from now he’ll need to call her and he can’t call her if he doesn’t have her phone number.  He promises he won’t call for eight years.  He tells her he’ll call Christmas Eve 2004.  He won’t call her until then.  She says that if she gives him the number he needs to leave.  She pushes him out of the house. 

 Sayid patches Desmond through with a battery.  They don’t know how long the battery will last and they both hope she’s there.  Flash to Desmond in 1996.  He walks away from Penny’s house and we hear the number continuously ring.  Eventually, Penny answers.  She freaks out when she hears Desmond’s voice.  In 1996, Desmond seems to realize something.  On the boat, Penny asks where Desmond is.  He can’t seem to communicate with her because he is so surprised that she still cares.  She’s been looking for Desmond for 3 years.  She said she spoke to Charlie and she knew she wasn’t crazy.  Desmond says he loves her and he always has.  She cries on the other end as he’s saying he loves her.  They promise each other that they will meet again.  No matter what Penny will find him.  After Desmond finishes the call he knows who Sayid is.  He says his name.  Sayid asks if Desmond is alright now…and Desmond says he is. 

 On the island Daniel goes through his journal.    He looks at old sketches very confused.  He gets to a page that says, “If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant.”  




I can’t believe more people aren’t absolutely obsessed with it.


Time Travel!


Of course, it’s genius.


And by the way, love the debate going on last week.


Sorry Marty, but I agree with the logic that Aaron isn’t one of the Oceanic 6…but I don’t discount your theory.


I think it’s healthy to really argue this one out.


I wonder if anyone else will get to the boat and have issues with time travel.


Thoughts on this episode?


Thoughts on the island?


Why does it somehow create a “wrinkle in time?”


Anyone remember that book?


Does anyone think Penny will be crucial in getting everyone off the island?


Will the lovers finally meet again?


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