TV Recap: Lost February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day my lovely Losties!  While most people are on hot dates or eating chocolate covered strawberries, watching sappy romantic comedies, you and I know how to spend this V-Day.

bang, bang..

Miles argues with Jack about finding Ben.  Jack won't tell him what he knows until Miles tells Jack why they want Ben.  Meanwhile, Sayid walks over to Naomi's lifeless body.  He covers her face then grabs her ID bracelet.  It has a sentimental inscription from R.G.  Who's R.G.? 

Sayid walks over to the Frank and says that he will bring Charlotte back safely if he gets taken to the boat.

Clean cut Sayid golfing?  Where are we?  Some guy approaches him on a golf cart.  The guy offers him 50 euros to see who gets closer to the hole - Sayid with his club or the guy with his 5-iron.  Italian guy?  The guy asks what Sayid does for a living.  Sayid tells the guy that he does nothing because he is one of the Oceanic 6.  He was given a large sum.  The guy seems surprised and suddenly disinterested in associating with Sayid.  The uses the 5-iron and gets closer to the hole than Sayid did.  The guy walks away while saying not to worry about the bet.  Then Sayid shoots him dead.  Sayid becomes a killer even after his return?  I would think he would want to just lay low and golf.  But I obviously don't know Sayid. 

secret agent man…

Sayid walks into a cute cafe and, in German, asks to sit next to a pretty girl.  They start talking in English.  His German is crap.  He asks for directions.  She asks brings him to Berlin.  He tells her its business.  She reveals that her employer is an economist and she just shops for him.  Her boss is only in Berlin once or twice a year.  What does this girl have to do with anything?  She asks if she knows him from somewhere.  Smooth Sayid.  He says he will tell her if she agrees to go to dinner with him.  She points a place on the map and says that is the restaurant where he will take her to dinner.  8 pm.  If he can find it since he already asked her for directions to a place around the corner. 

Sayid walks through the slush and calls someone.  He says he made contact.  Then throws away the cell phone. 

On the island, Sayid goes through Naomi’s backpack.  He finds a photo of Desmond and Penny.  He shows it to Jack, Kate, and Juliet.  He believes these supposed “rescuers” have another reason for being there besides Ben.  Now Sayid is going to find Locke to figure out more information.  Sayid won’t let Jack come because the last time he came face to face with Locke, Jack pulled the trigger.  He asks Juliet how long it would take her to get to the beach.  She needs to go get Desmond.  As Sayid starts getting ready, Miles says he’s coming, and Sayid just smiles.  Of course, Miles wants his gun back.  Sayid won’t even dignify the request with an answer; he just says they leave in 10 minutes.

On the other side of the island, Sawyer asks Ben who his spy is.  Since Ben keeps his silence Sawyer wants to shoot each toe off until Ben reveals his source.  Locke says no.  When Sawyer asks why Locke says its because they would have to carry him.

Locke says the cabin should be where they are standing.  Ben reveals that Locke is looking to get his answers from someone else.  The whole group seems exhausted and Hurley says they should just let Charlotte go.  Locke wants to use Charlotte as bait.  Hurley doesn’t like the idea so him and Locke argue.  But Locke basically says that it is his decision.

Kate says it sucks that Jack is told that he can’t come along.  Now he knows what its like to be her.  And Jack responds with a “should I wait 20 minutes and go anyway.”  Jack thinks Kate should go with Sayid.  Kate says Locke could kill her like he killed Naomi and Jack says Sawyer won’t let him.  Hmmm…this love triangle.  I don’t know who I would choose…if I were Kate. 

Kate goes with Sayid.  Miles is jealous that Kate gets a gun.  Sayid privately tells Kate that a gun is the last resort.  Kate asks if Locke knows that.  Ahhh, Kate ’s wit.  I adore it.  Sometimes wish I had more of it.   

After they have left, Frank asks Jack where Sayid is from.  Jack says Iraq.  Then Frank wants to know what Sayid could possibly do…what is he a diplomat?  And Jack says, “No he was a torturer.”   Ha ha.  That would be disturbing after you just sent a member of your crew off with him.  No one can really trust anyone anymore.  
all good things…

Sayid asks Miles his feelings on Naomi.  Miles just thinks of her as a co-worker.  And when Sayid asks Miles feelings about Charlotte they seem to be the same.  Sayid always has a purpose with his questions so I’m really wondering what’s his angle.   

Sayid picks up Ilsa for the opera.  They start making out.  Sayid is very James Bond.  He puts a necklace on her and she picks up her purse and pager.  She decides to leave her pager behind.  Sayid says he’ll carry her pager for her; he doesn’t want her to get fired.  She asks if Sayid has a boss.  He says everyone has a boss.  She asks why he is still in Berlin.  He was only supposed stay one week.  He says his job is proving harder than he thought.  She looks disappointed and says she hoped it was because of her.

On the island, Daniel grabs something out of the helicopter.  It’s a stand some sort of kit.  As he grabs the stuff and begins setting up, Jack asks Frank what Daniel’s story is.  Frank basically thinks Daniel is all science and intelligence; therefore, Frank and his communication is very limited.  Daniel then asks to use Frank’s phone.  He says he wants to call Regina on the boat so he can do an experiment. She tells him she’s getting the signal pretty clear.  He tells her to fire something.  Regina begins counting is the kilometers to beacon.  Whatever that means.  She gets to zero and he says he doesn’t have it.  I don’t understand.  I don’t think any of us are meant to.  Not yet anyway. 

Sayid, Kate and Miles hide in the woods at the compound.  Miles doesn’t understand the swing set or the compound.  Kate asks if Sayid thinks Locke and company could be there yet.  He says there’s only one way to find out.

They go into a house after hearing a noise.  Someone is locked in a closet.  It’s Hurley.  Poor, poor Hurley.  They asked what happened, and Hurley says, “They left me.” 

double crossed…

Hurley says Locke went off the deep end.   After Hurley objected to using Charlotte as bait, they tied him up and left him behind.  Sayid and Kate ask what happened to the group and where they planned on going next.  Miles gets attitude with Hurley, but finally Hurley tells them they locked Ben in his house.  Miles wants to know where Ben’s house is located. 

On the other end of the island, Jack asks Frank if the Red Sox really won the World Series.  He just can’t believe it has been 100 days since they landed on the island.  Suddenly a rocket flies in.  There is a timer attached to it.  Then Daniel runs over and grabs a timer off his device.  There is a half hour difference.  Daniel says this is not good.  Frank sees Juliet coming over the bend with Desmond.  Desmond has a gun.  Him and Juliet are both smiling because he just saw the helicopter.

Going into Ben’s place, Sayid gives Kate orders.  Kate checks a room.  Apparently Ben’s bedroom.  She goes over to the closet, opens the door, but of course no one is there.

Sayid strokes his hands on the books.  Then inspects the bookcase.  He moves the bookcase back and reveals a secret passage way.  Maybe it will go from the conservatory to the lounge and find Mrs. Peacock dead.  (Clue references anyone?).  Nope it’s some kind of ginormous closet.  Clothes.  Bags.  Drawer of passports and drawer of various currencies.  Looks like he has fake names on them…not sure because my eyesight sucks.

Kate hides under the bed and Sawyer walks in.  Sawyer tells her to be quiet, but Kate calls out Sayid’s name.  As Sayid runs out of the secret room Locke has a gun pointed at him.  Locke says, “Good job Hugo.”  Then Hurley says, “Sorry dude.”  WHAT THE F.  This is so nuts.  But where’s Miles? 

not what it seems…

Russeau leads Sayid into another building, and there is Ben.  Ben says he lost a bet to Locke.  He never thought Sayid would be stupid enough to get caught. 

Kate asks if she’s Sawyer’s prisoner.  He says if that sort of thing turns her on.  Kate asks what Sawyer is doing with Locke.  And Sawyer asks why she went with Jack.  She says she went with Jack because she believes he can get them off the island.  Sawyer says he doesn’t want to go back because there is nothing there for him.  And he asks why she would want to go back.  Once she gets back she’ll go into handcuffs.  He says they have everything they need on the island.  And she asks how long he thinks they can play house.  And he says, “Why don’t we find out?”

Locke brings Sayid iced tea.  Sayid is not having it; he wants to accomplish what he came to do.  Locke says he is sorry about the theatrics, but they need to protect themselves.  Sayid says he agrees that the “rescuers” can’t be trusted.  But he came to get Charlotte so he can have Frank take him to the boat.  He wants to learn more about these people through his own methods once he gets on the boat.  Locke asks what makes Sayid think they’ll give Charlotte up without anything in return.  And Sayid asks what makes Locke think Sayid isn’t willing to trade. 

Post-coitus in Germany, Sayid says they should just lie there.  Ilsa says they will eventually have to go back to work.  She says she understands that he does not want to talk about the crash.  But she wishes he would share more about himself now.  She says she loves him; Sayid kisses her and says no more secrets.  Her pager goes off.  She says she has to go.  Sayid asks where.  She gets dressed and Sayid stares at the pager.  He calls out Ilsa’s name.  He says she has to leave Berlin.  He says people will start asking questions soon about her what has happened to her employer.  She can’t be around to answer them.  Ilsa realizes Sayid has been using her to get to her boss. 

Sayid says her boss’s name is on the list.  Sayid says the man she is working for is not an economist.  She grabs a gun and shoots Sayid.  Then she grabs her cell phone.  She asks her employer why she should keep Sayids alive.  Apparently they need information that Sayid has.  WOW!!  She has actually been playing Sayid.  Then Sayid grabs his gun and shoots and kills Ilsa. Sayid strokes her face and brushes her eyes closed.  He grabs at her ID bracelet.  And he actually looks sad.

getting off…

Desmond questions Frank about Naomi having his picture.  Frank says he doesn’t know anything.  Desmond wants to know about his relationship with Naomi and Frank says she was the boss.  Their interactions were limited to business purposes only.  Then the obvious question is asked:  Does Frank know Penny?  Frank says no. 

Over the hill, they see Sayid coming back…with Charlotte and no one else. Jack asks about Kate, and Sayid said she decided to stay.  Frank inquires after Miles.  And Sayid said he traded Miles for Charlotte.  The deal involved bringing Charlotte back.  Frank said that Sayid cheated, but he doesn’t really care for Miles so the deal is on. 

Daniel goes to Frank and says that Frank should follow the same exact course they came in on.  And not to go off the path in the slightest.  Hmmm…does it have to do with the rocket?  Frank invites Charlotte or Daniel aboard the helicopter, but each of them wishes to stay on the island. 

Another private convo, Jack tells Sayid to be careful.  Sayid says he’s surprised that he doesn’t have to talk Jack out of coming along.  And Jack says he thinks Sayid has a handle on this one.  Frank rakes Desmond and Sayid back to the boat.  Sayid says since they have room for one more they should bring Naomi home.  And things are just now getting good.  What the heezy.  Only 2 minutes left.  Does Sayid have some kind of connection with Naomi?  Does he know something we don’t?

Now we see… cages of dogs?  Where are we?  The island suddenly has a kennel?  Oh wait, Sayid in the future.  Some one (sounds like Ben) tells Sayid to take his shirt off as he bleeds from Ilsa shooting him.  Someone in a vet lab asks if she is dead.  And Sayid says she is.  The guy asks why she didn’t kill him.  He said she wanted to get information from him.  He says she wanted to know he worked for.   And guess whom he works for?  I was right!!  For once!!! It’s Ben! So crazy.  Ben says he has another name for Sayid.  And Sayid says, “They know I’m looking for them.”  And Ben says, “Good.”    AHHHHH.  I need more!!!

final thoughts…

I cannot believe how much is happening.  We have 4 of our Oceanic 6.  1) Jack, 2) Hurley, 3) Sayid…and 4) Kate (from the previews of next week’s episode…and duh!!!).  My other two guesses will be Sawyer and Locke.  Only with Locke it will be against his will.  But then again, I could totally be wrong.  No matter how smart of a viewer you are…Lost writers are smarter.  Also, where is the rest of the others?  Richard who never ages.  Next, Jacob.  Where is he?  Will Hurley have a connection with Jacob soon?  Or does the cabin really exist?  And let’s link back to the polar bears and black smoke.  Hooray for the strike being over.  We may have a pretty seamless season.  We have episodes through March and apparently the new ones will pick up in April.  Thanks for “Mr. Ecko’’s comment last week.  Thanks for keeping the conversation up.  I feel lonely without posts.

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