TV Recap: Lost February 7, 2008

raindrops keep fallin' on my head

Under the sea, with a sweet sea scope?  This is very the beginning of Titanic.  Oceanic Flight 815 under the water?  Hmmm...just like Naomi said.  All of us Losties know that there are pieces of wreckage on the island.  Not all over the ocean floor. So this is all very freaky. 

In a suburban home, Dan, the rescue guy from last week, is crying when he sees a newscast that they found the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 on the ocean floor.  His wife/partner asks why he's crying and he says he has no idea. 

Present day, Dan gets ready to jump from the plane.  They basically throw him out of the plane and he lands on the island.  Very cool shots in this episode.  They make us feel like falling.  He lands in a panic, trying to see through the rain.  We get the point of view of Jack and Kate running through the rain.  He gets his gun ready as something (Kate and Jack) runs at him, Jack asks who the rescue guy is...and his name is Daniel.

hearts of darkness


Dan wanders through the jungle with Jack and Kate.  He seems really in awe.  Jack asks who else was on the chopper.  Then he pretends that he wasn’t pushed from the chopper but that they went down and he had just jumped.  He states that he lost his pack when he went down so he can’t call his boat. He uses Jack’s satellite phone to call the boat.   Dan says the instruments started to go down.  Then the boat tells him to get them off speakerphone.  Hmmm…fishy, fishy. 


Locke enjoys the rain while the rest of the group hides under a tree.  Hurley tells him to seek shelter.  But Locke somehow knows it is about to pass.  Locke starts leading his half of the survivors, and Sawyer asks where they are going.  Locke says they need to stop by a cabin. Hurley starts to explain that he knows about the cabin, but covers it up when Locke gives him a quizzical look.  Locke keeps leading them forward because of Walt appearing to him when he was shot.  Sawyer calls Locke Colonel Kurtz.  I love the Heart of Darkness reference.  Or for those of you who prefer to get your books on film…Apocalypse, Now.


 At the beach, Juliette and Sayid sit and talk.  Sayid asks why Ben thinks these people intend to do them harm.  Juliette asks how many guns are left.  These two are up to something.  I wonder what they’re going to do.


Dan continues holding the phone as they walk through the jungle to the beach.  Kate finds a pack of goods that had fallen from the helicopter.  There is a gas mask in it, and Jack asks why.  Dan says he didn’t pack the tin so he doesn’t know what’s in there.  Then Jack wants to know why Dan brought the gun.  Dan says rescuing the survivors of the flight is not their primary objective.  The phone starts beeping, and Dan leads them through the jungle in another direction.


On another part of the island, Sawyer asks what Locke means that he saw Walt.  Locke tells everyone the story of him being shot by Ben and left for dead.  Then Walt appeared and saved him.  Walt said Naomi is bad.  So now he follows what Walt suggests.  Sawyer wants details of Locke getting shot.  And Locke shows his wound.  It’s still there.  It went into his chest and out his back.  He said he’d be dead if he still had a kidney there.  An explanation.  Yes!!!  I always wondered how Locke was still up walking around. 


Dan, Kate and Jack run through the woods with the phone going crazy.  There is a dead or injured member of Dan’s team.   Miles?  Jack goes to him immediately and pulls the helmet off.  Miles is awake and he pulls a gun on Jack.  Then Jack asks Kate to stay away.   And the minute Miles hears Kate’s name he goes nuts.  He asks where Naomi is.  Kate says, “what?”  And Miles says, “Naomi, the woman you killed.”


fight for your right


Miles is driving a car in southern California.  He pulls up to a house and he knocks on a door.  The woman answers and invites him in.  There is a picture of young boy and Miles asks where the room is.  He says something about raising the price because he grandson was murdered.  Hmmm…. She has to give him 200 and the guy opens a suitcase.  He tells her no matter what she hears she should not come upstairs.  He goes into the room and turns on some sort of device.  He looks around the room and starts sweating a little.  And freaking out?  He starts talking to the kids ghost (?).  We don’t see anything.  He says he can’t tell his grandma the boy has gone unless he shows him where it is.  Where what is?  Apparently money and drugs.  The kid “shows” him its’ in the vent behind the bookcase.  He shakes the bookcase.   And Miles tells him to go.  Though we never see anything, it’s Lost so we have to go with it.  Miles goes downstairs and the boy’s grandmother asks if it worked.  Miles tells her that her grandson is at peace now.  He gives her one hundred dollars back so she only pays they’re originally agreed upon price.  But Miles kept the drugs and drug money.  Miles is a total JERKFACE. 


On the island, Dan runs down to protect Jack and mediate the problem.  Miles continues going nuts, holding the gun on Jack.  He talks about Naomi using the code (“Tell my sister I love her”).  Apparently Naomi doesn’t have a sister.  That’s code for there is a gun to my head.  Kate explains that Locke killed Naomi.  Miles says he must see Naomi.  Kate tries to reason with him, but he doesn’t care.  So off they go. 


At the other camp, Ben tries to talk to Alex, but Carl tells him to shut up.  Carl calls him “Mr. Linus.”  Then Ben says something disgusting about Carl sleeping with his daughter so Carl can call him Ben.  Carl pulls out his gun, but Sawyer runs over to stop the situation.  But Ben likes to ruffle feathers so he messes with Sawyer now.  He talks about Sawyer coming with them when Kate clearly wanted him to stay.  And Sawyer has to stay on the island because he’s a leader, but in the real world, he’s a criminal.  So he had to go with Locke.  But in the real world, would Kate want a criminal or a surgeon?  

Sawyer gets all riled up. Ben keeps talking until Sawyer beats him up.  Locke stops the fight and starts reasoning with Sawyer.  Locke says Ben is harmless besides his mouth.  Sawyer tells him its only a matter of time before Ben gets to them, and he probably already knows how he’s going to do it.  And Sawyer throws the rope at Locke so now Locke can guard Ben. 


With the “rescue team,” Miles looks at Naomi’s body.  Jack and Kate watch Miles quizzically.  Kate tries to talk Dan into putting his gun away.  But Jack says to just wait it out.  Miles comes over to say that Naomi’s death happened the way Kate said it did.  He then tells everyone they are going to all go find another one of their friends.  Jack says they aren’t until Miles and Dan put down their guns.  They ask why they would do that.  Jack says because his friends have guns pointed at the two of them.  And Miles says why would we believe that.  Perfect timing - a shot hits the tree behind Miles.  And Juliette and Sayid appear with their guns.  Miles and Dan hand their guns over to Kate and Jack. 


say a little prayer


An old school Land Rover (? – I’m not good with cars) drives through the desert.  It approaches a camp.  Two women get out.  They pick up a newspaper - in French it talks about the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815.  One of them is a British woman with a translator/guide.  They are on some kind of dig.  The British woman, Charlotte, has her translator talk to a guard to let them into an excavation site.  The translator tells her they can’t go in because the site is closed.  Charlotte throws money at the man. She goes over to the site.  It looks like dinosaur bones, but it is actually a polar bear, in the desert, with some weird leather collar.  Almost looks like a Dharma initiative logo.  Am I reaching? 


The same woman from the excavation, Charlotte, is stuck in the tree.  She’s struggling above the water.  She finally pulls her cord and let’s herself down into the river.  She seems really happy until Locke and company finds her.  She says hi and Locke says “Hi yourself.”  Oh no for Charlotte.  She’s not going to like the journey ahead of her. 


Juliette, Kate and Jack walking through the woods.  Kinda awkward.  Two women that have sexual tension with Jack and they are stalking through the woods together.  In front of them, Sayid asks questions to the two “rescuers.”  Dan is quite forthcoming to say he’s a physicist.  He gives them his last name.  However, Miles is nothing but attitude.  All he tells Sayid is that he collects soil samples.  When Sayid asks why Miles isn’t more surprised the survivors of Oceanic 815 are alive and not dead like the reports, Miles gives some sarcastic response.  Almost like a teenager.  I wish Sayid had smacked him in the face with his gun. 


A completely different reaction comes from Charlotte.  She seems so surprised that they are alive.  She wants to know how many of them there are.  She has so many questions she wants to ask.  She asks individual questions.  And Locke starts interrogating her.  He wants to know where their helicopter was trying to land.  Locke tells her that she will be going with them.  But she wants to know why they would want to move; they won’t get rescued.  And Locke tells her they don’t want to be rescued.


Jack, Sayid, Kate, Miles and Dan follow the beeping on the satellite phone.   They are trying to get to Charlotte.  They see her running fast on the radar so they run to her.  They think she is fleeing.  Instead of Charlotte, they find Vincent with the tracking device tied around his neck.  Then Jack announces to everyone that Locke has her.


 rescue me


A plane seems like its going down.  Instead, it goes into a fish tank and some guy in the Bahamas at a travel agency watches the news report about Oceanic 815.  The guy gets very upset when he hears the pilot is Seth Norris on the report.  They news report shows the pilot with their underground camera covering the wreckage.  The guy sees the pilot’s body and he calls the Oceanic hotline.   He tells them that the pilot is not who they say he is.  Then he argues with them because he knows the pilot.  And this image shows a man not wearing a wedding ring, and Seth, apparently, wore his ring at all times.  The man in the travel agency then reveals that he was supposed to the pilot on Oceanic 815. 


Now the travel agency guy walks through the jungle.  He pulls himself up by some tree roots and sees a cow with a bell on it.  So random.  A brown cow actually.  Amongst this beautiful tropical terrain.  He pulls out his satellite phone but it’s busted.  Then he pulls out his flare gun.  He shoots the flare and Locke and everyone sees it.  Charlotte starts reasoning with them that she is going to get her friend.  Locke says no.  So she just starts to walk away.  Then she gets shot.  By Ben?  He stole Carl’s gun.  Sawyer starts once again beating the crap out of Ben.  Locke runs to Charlotte and she starts to wake up.  She says something about a vest and Locke rips open her jacket.  There is a bulletproof vest.  Everyone looks at Ben…as if he already knew he wouldn’t kill her but prove his point about distrusting her.  He’s telling them that she cannot be trusted. 


Jack and company finds Frank, the pilot of the helicopter/the man from the Bahamas.  They wanted to know where it crashed, but he got it to land safe and sound.  And lo and behold there it is.  Totally fine.  Jack, Sayid and Kate just have the biggest grins in the world.  Rescue has arrived. 


strange things are afoot


Pictures are laid out of all the “rescue team” who are on the island now.  A British woman is saying they are inadequate.  Their specialties won’t last on a mission like this.  She can’t protect them all.   The British woman talking?  Naomi.  The guy telling her about the mission and the team?  Well it’s the same guy who pretended to be a lawyer from Oceanic.  The one who visited Hurley in the mental institution. Remember?  He wants her to get everyone to the island and then get them to complete the mission without getting killed.  She asks about the possibility of survivors of Ocean 815, and the man says there were no survivors.  He refuses to even see the possibility. 


On the island, Miles gets the phone from Jack by agreeing to tell them the real reason they are on the island.  He calls and asks to speak to someone.  The pretend lawyer guy? 


Juliette works on Frank.  He asks for her name.  She says Juliette Burke.  Frank knows she wasn’t on the plane.  He had memorized the flight manifest and she wasn’t on the plane.  He tells Miles and Miles runs over asking about her being a native.  Then we find out the real reason they are on the island.  They present a picture of a very grown up Ben Linus.  They are there to get Ben. 


Sawyer has a gun on Ben.  Then Locke says that he will take care of his own messes.  Locke is about to kill Ben and asks everyone to clear out.  Ben says he has information John needs.  Locke doesn’t fall for anything so he asks what the monster is.  The black smoke.  Ben says he doesn’t know.  But he does know the name of the woman who fell into the river.  Charlotte Staples Lewis.  He knows a ton of details about Charlotte.  Then he goes into details of the other “rescuers.”  He seriously knows each of their names.  He says he knows what they want.  And apparently they want him.  Locke asks how he knows all this and he says that he has a man on their boat.


final thoughts


So many thoughts so little time.  Who does Ben have on the boat?  Fake lawyer guy?  And if so why does the guy want his team to get Ben?  And who’s right, Jack or Locke?  Should they even want to be rescued at this point?  I seriously offer no answers right now, but only questions.  But I guess questions can get our discussion rolling.  I personally would like to see some more ghosts appear (Boone, Shannon, etc).  But Walt?  I still go back to wondering if he is dead or not.  Did Michael kill him with his need to get them off the island?  The constant raining also seems to be a huge factor.  Someone gets close to the island in a plane and a storm kicks up.  Lastly, Locke’s one-ness with the island sometimes freaks me out.  Do you think he’ll ever leave?  And last week they said Oceanic 6.  I’m wondering if only 6 of them left the island, but others remained on it.  Anyway, let’s get a discussion started.  I always learn more from your ideas. 
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