TV Recap: Lost January 31, 2008

and we're back.. After 8 months and 7 days (and yes I've been counting), we finally have our beloved Lost back. Has it been too long? Yes and no. With the knockout episode they ended with last season, they needed plenty of time to rev themselves up. Despite my need for wanting more about 10 minutes after it was over. Rumors have been flying along with spoilers. But I don't want to hear it from gossip sites; I want to witness it for myself. I watched a bit of last night's repeats from last season, and I'm half paying attention to the recap now. I'm fully invested, but I want the here and now. I still mourn the loss of Charlie, but I'm ready to see what lies in wait. In the next few minutes we'll all be on the same page. But I want to say how happy I am to be back recapping Lost, and how much I want to hear from you on the comment board. So break out your theories and thinking caps. It's time.

Titled: The Beginning of the End

sending out an S.O.S...

Lemons and Limes? This looks like a Corona commercial. Wait, not anymore. A car crashes right through them in what is apparently a fruit stand. Following the mystery vintage car? A high-speed group of police cars. And they are in, L.A.. In fact, its making headline news, and Jack is making himself a morning screwdriver. And he recognizes the driver. Hmm.... this is so strange already. Man jumps over fences with the cars and all kinds of damage. The driver? Hurley? All the drama reveals Hurley to be the driver. This is so not Hurley. What has happened? He even tries to run from the cops. He keeps screaming that he’s one of the Oceanic 6. 6? What does he mean 6? There better be more than 6 survivors. And no offense to Hurley but out of all those people how was he one of the only 6 to survive?

hurley fought the law, but the law won…

Hurley sits in the police station watching footage of him in a convenience store. Apparently something in the store freaked him out and led him to run away. I didn’t see anything scary in the footage, did you?

We learn that Hurley’s cop is Ana Lucia’s old partner. When asked if he knew her, Hurley lies. The cop offers Hurley a donut and he passes. Passes? Not our Hurley. Hurley looks at the “mirror” or whatever the glass is that cops can see you but you can’t see them. Only Hurley sees what looks like an underground aquarium with a diver in it. And suddenly the water rushes into the room. A diver bangs on the glass and the room floods. Hurley flips out and the cop runs back in. NO WATER. The cop asks if Hurley wants to get tossed back into the nut house. And he pleads that he does.

rescue me…

On the island, Hurley talks to Jack on the walkie-talkie. Hurley flips out about hearing the news of the pending rescue. Jack shares the enthusiasm, and Kate runs over. Locke ran away and Kate can’t find him. Jack says he’ll kill him once he finds him. Kate asks Jack if they are really going home, and he says they are.

Claire and Sun dote over Aaron, and Sun exclaims how excited she is to have her baby in the hospital. Claire tells Rose that she should be proud of Bernard. And Rose responds with an innuendo for Claire to treat Charlie well. Wink, wink. So sad that we know what she doesn’t.

Ben tells Rosseau to take Alex away from the camp. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her. He says he will not have his daughter…what? We’ll never know because Rosseau backhands him. She is so hardcore. So the question is: was Rosseau hardcore before she came to the island or did the island make her hardcore? I imagine she always had a little fire waiting to come out.

Hurley tells Bernard about his lottery money. He thinks it will be gone when he gets back, and that makes him beyond happy. Hurley wants to cannonball into the water, and Bernard tells him he should. Hurley runs the beach and cannonballs into the water. He looks so free and happy. Too bad he doesn’t know about Charlie’s demise. He sees a wet Desmond pushing a boat onto the shore and gets a bit worried when he doesn’t see Charlie.

Desmond tells everyone they can’t get in touch with the boat. He relays the message Charlie gave him. Sayid, Sawyer, Juliet and Jin freak out about what he’s saying. They start discussing what they should do next. However, Hurley swims up to Desmond and asks the most important question. “Where is Charlie?” Desmond explains that Charlie didn’t make it, and everyone looks so depressed. It made me a little sad again.

Jack gets a call from Naomi’s team. He can’t exactly tell them that she’s dead so he says she collecting firewood. When he looks over to the spot where she was killed, she is gone. He runs over to Ben who is still tied to the tree. Ben just shrugs his shoulders when asked where she went.

help me if you can…

Sayid and Sawyer argue over calling Jack about these mysterious rescue people. Sawyer thinks there is nothing to worry about whereas Sayid thinks they need to warn their friends. Someone makes the point that these people could be listening to the frequency of their walkie-talkie. Sawyer continues arguing with them until Hurley throws the phone into the water.

Rosseau tracked Naomi. Jack says that Rosseau, Ben and he will follow Naomi’s trail. Claire thinks Jack looks worried, but he plays it off. Kate points out that Naomi could have left a fake trail because Kate found a trail different from the one Rosseau found. But Jack tells her not to worry about it. They hug.

The crew at the beach arms themselves, and they head to meet up with Jack. Sawyer seems apprehensive, but Sayid throws a gun at him. Any thoughts of rescue seem to have been pushed out of their minds.

crazy for feeling this way…

Present day? I really don’t know what to call the universe where Hurley lives in a mental home. Anyway, Hurley is in the mental home. He’s having fun with the best board game ever – Connect 4. Then he gets a visitor. It’s an attorney for Oceanic Airlines. He came to see him over his episode. He says they feel terrible so they will upgrade him to a nicer facility. Hurley passes on their offer. The attorney asks if Hurley is really fine. Hurley doesn’t trust him, and he asks to see a business card. The attorney doesn’t have one. Then he asks if “they are still alive?”

shelter from the storm…

Suddenly it’s night on the island and the crew from the beach creeps through the jungle. Sawyer asks if Hurley is fine. He wants to see if Hurley wants to talk about Charlie. Sawyer’s random sensitivity can sometimes be sexy. And I’ve never thought he was hot. But he tells Hurley to holler if he needs him. So sweet. Hurley is clearly hurting. He loses his team. He calls out for them. The wind starts blowing and Hurley finds himself at Jacob’s house. Only he doesn’t know its Jacob’s house. But a light flicks on so he knows it’s not a good thing.

like a rolling stone…

Rosseau, Benjamin and Jack follow Rosseau’s trail. The trail ends, and Ben says they should call the boat. Jack can’t find the phone. But Ben says he saw Kate take the phone when she hugged him. At least she knows what she’s doing. He he he. One point for the crazy.

Kate meanwhile tracks the other trail of blood. The phone rings and Kate answers it. Naomi attacks Kate from the tree and she puts a knife to Kate’s throat. Kate convinces Naomi that they would never hurt her. She tells her how nuts John Locke is. Naomi fixes the coordinates on the phone after the boat calls back. Then she dies saying to tell her sister that she loves her.

Hurley goes to Jacob’s house, and it’s as scary as a horror movie. The lights on and “nobody’s home.” Then he sees someone in the rocking chair. Then an eye meet’s his in an opening in the window. He runs away and then he sees the house again. But he closes his eyes saying “there is nothing here.” Then the house is gone. But he falls down and closes his eyes again. When he opens them, he sees John Locke.

everything is broken…

Locke asks how Hurley got separated from the group. Hurley tells Locke everything he knows. And they actually are on the same page. Locke tells Hurley that if they don’t talk Jack out of getting rescued, Charlie will have died for nothing. If that doesn’t boost Hurley’s cause, I don’t know what would.

Hurley comes out of the woods and meets up with his beach crew. Locke comes out after Hurley, and Sayid asks where he came from. Hurley says they need Locke’s help. And the group seems skeptical, which who wouldn’t be?

Everyone from the top of the mountain meets up with the beach crew. All of the happy reunions. Jin and Sun. Bernard and Rose. And Claire looks everywhere for Charlie. Desmond goes to tell her, but Hurley says he will. He goes up to her looking so sad, and just gasps out that he’s dead. Claire cries while her and Hurley hug.

knockin’ on heaven’s door…

At Hurley’s new mental institution, a patient tells Hurley that someone is staring at him. That someone staring at him is Charlie!!!! Yea! He’s back. Even if it’s a brief moment with a hot new haircut. Not usually a Charlie fan, but a haircut can do a person wonders. Charlie keeps appearing to Hurley. That’s why Hurley ran away from the convenience store. He saw him there.

Charlie says he is dead, but he’s also here. He proves it by smacking Hurley. Hurley asks if Charlie knew he was going to die when he swam out there, and he says yes. Charlie says he has come back to tell Hurley something important. They start arguing because Hurley doesn’t want to hear it. Eventually Hurley closes his eyes and holds his ears to make Charlie “go away. Charlie keeps saying “they need you.” Then he’s gone.

i shot the sheriff…

On the island, Claire and Hurley let go of their embrace. She asks how he died, and Hurley says he was trying to help his friends. Jack, Rosseau and Ben appear and Jack punches Locke and takes his gun. Locke says Jacks not going to kill him, but Jack pulls the trigger. Too bad the gun isn’t loaded. Besides, Locke’s been shot before on the island, and he’s lived to tell. So it doesn’t seem it would matter much.

a house divided…

Jack beats the crap out of Locke. Sawyer and Sayid pull Jack off Locke, and then Jack yells at them. Locke says he only has done what he has done to save them. Then Jack recounts how Locke has sabotaged him every step of the way. And he points out how Naomi died. But Ben comes in with the technicality that Naomi hasn’t died yet. Too bad, Kate comes over to deliver the news. Jack says they need to save themselves.

Hurley asks about honoring Charlie. His rationale is that Charlie must have heard something to send them that message. Hurley says he’s not listening to Jack, he’s going to listen to Charlie. So he goes to side with Locke. Jack starts to consider his decisions. And Locke asks if there will be anyone else joining them? Random islanders, Claire, Rosseau and Alex go to join Locke. Ben asks if he can go with Locke, and Jack says that’s fine. Sawyer steps forward to go with Locke. Kate asks what Sawyer’s doing and he says “the same thing I’ve always done. Surviving.” The rain starts. And the survivors have been divided.

Jack, Kate and Juliette are the only people I see. I heard Bernard and Rose declare their staying with Jack. Where is Sayid? Or Jin and Sun? Can someone help me out?

beautiful disaster…

At the mental institution, Hurley plays basketball by himself. Jack walks into the gym in a suit and tie. He dropped by to pay a visit. They play a game of HORSE. Hurley asks if Jack is back doing surgical stuff. And he says he is. Hurley asks if the reporters are leaving him alone. And he says he’s thinking about growing a beard. A beard eh? Hurley asks what Jack is really doing at the hospital. Hurley says Jack is checking to see if he’s going to tell. And Jack asks, “Are you?” Then Jack suddenly has to run. Hurley apologizes to Jack. He says he’s sorry he went with Locke. He should have stayed with Jack. Jack says its water under the bridge. Hurley thinks the island wants them to go back, but Jack says they are never going back. And Hurley says “Never say never dude.” Then Jack leaves.

rescue dawn?

On the island, Jack and Kate huddle against the rain. And Kate asks if Jack is thinking of Charlie. They sit by the wreckage of the plane, and Kate and Jack hear the helicopter blades. Someone parachutes down. Kate and Jack run to him. When they meet the person he asks if Jack is Jack. And then they cut to Jack’s quizzical look. The end.

final thoughts…

I don’t know how much crazier this show can get. Naomi saved them in the satellite phone by not saying what happened to her. But was she really saving them? And what does Charlie want Hurley to do? And these Oceanic Flight commercials on Eli Stone. Really? What the heck? I know Lost is a way of life, but interjecting itself into other shows.

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