TV Recap: Lost February 21, 2008

wakey, wakey...

Locke wakes up and goes to make breakfast.  He grabs a book from the bookshelf.   Settling in for a leisurely morning?  Not our Locke.  He's taking the last of the eggs to Ben.  We're not talking cold cereal here.  Quite hospitable.  What's Locke up to? Ben wants to know why he went from the rec room to the basement of Ben's old house/Locke's current residence.  Naturally, Locke wants him under his own roof.  Ben questions Miles whereabouts.   Locke says he wants Ben to spill over everything he knows.  After Ben refuses and plays his typical Ben game...telling Locke how lost he is that he'™s asking Ben for advice.  Jacob won't talk to Locke and now Locke is screwed.  Locke takes the food and then closes the door behind him.  Clattering of the tray getting thrown.

Kate and Claire sit on a porch drinking coffee.  Sawyer walks over to them.  Claire goes inside so the lovebirds can talk.  Sawyer asks what's on all our minds - why did Kate stay?   He first accuses her of spying for Jack.  SIDENOTE:  Kate keeps calling Sawyer by his real name - James.  Quite weird.  Has she been doing that and I havenâ't noticed?  Kate says she won't be saying why she stayed.  Sawyer then mentions the possibility of her pregnancy.  Kate keeps her resolve.  She's not revealing her real reasons anytime soon.  

In the future, Kate looks quite made up.  They tell her she is entering through the front entrance and not the back.  She gets out of the car with sunglasses on and the press is going nuts.  Taking tons of pictures.  She looks really high class for the rough and tough Kate.  People are also yelling at her – possibly mean things.   She is in court.  She stands trial for her previous crimes.  When the judge asks how she pleads, she says not guilty.  The prosecution requests remand.  For the duration of her trial she will remain in custody.  They throw the handcuffs on her and a shocked Kate is led away.


At the beach, Jin practices his English, and he proposes the various places Sun and he could live.  He learned English so they could live in America like Sun had planned, but Sun wants to raise their baby at home in Korea.  Jack comes through the woods with Daniel, Charlotte and Juliet. He introduces Charlotte and Dan to the group.  He tells them that Desmond and Sayid are already on a helicopter going to the boat.  Sun asks where Kate is.  Jack tells her that she stayed with Locke.

Kate knocks on Locke’s door at the compound.  When he answers he has blood all over his hands from “killing a chicken.”  Kate asks to see Miles.  Locke won’t let her.  He said they are no longer running a democracy like Jack did.  And Kate asks if this is now a dictatorship.  And Locke said no…because he would have killed her already.  

Always finding another way, Kate runs over to Hurley when she sees him carrying food.  Quite easily she gets it out of him where Miles is staying.  Kate takes Miles his food.  She goes into the boathouse where he is completely tied up.  Kate asks if Miles know who she is.   He says he will tell her everything he knows about her if she helps him.  All she has to do is bring someone to him.   She asks whom…and he says, “Whom do you think?”

Flash-forward, Kate is in prison.  She talks to her lawyer.  He said she should take a deal.  She says no.  Apparently, her mother is the star witness against them.  Her attorney wants to make it about her character.  Her attorney wants to bring him on the stand….him?  Who?  Oh, apparently Kate’s son.  

sound of settling…

On the beach, the satellite phone isn’t working.  Juliet tells Jack to try another number like 911 (insert joke here).  Sun walks down the beach to ask what’s going on.  She proposes that maybe these “rescuers” don’t want to help.  Just like Locke said.  And Jack says Locke is wrong.  Then Sun asks the obvious question – then why is Kate with him?

At the compound, Kate and Claire are doing the laundry.  Kate starts questioning Claire about Locke’s habits with Ben.  Apparently Locke never leaves him place, but he has invited everyone over for dinner.  Aaron starts to get fussy so Claire wants Kate to hold him.  Kate shies away saying she’s not good with babies.  Kate thinks Claire is so good with him.  Claire says she never thought she would be a good mom either; however, Kate should give it a go.

Kate’s trial.  Kate’s attorney tells him not to fire her.  He got killed in the opening so he brought Jack Shepherd as a witness.  He’s a character witness because he did not know her before she participated in the crimes.  While on the witness stand, Jack is asked to describe how he met Kate.  Jack tells them about their flight crash.  He asks Jack how he learned about Kate being a fugitive.  He tells them that Kate told him.  Soon, he starts lying – or I think he’s lying.  He says that Kate saved Jack from the water.  Then he starts saying that only 8 people survived the crash and Kate tried saving everyone.  She administered first aid, but she couldn’t save two of the people. WHAT?!?  The prosecution only has one question… Does Jack love Kate? And he answers with “not anymore.”  

On the island, Sawyer and his broken glasses.  Hurley wants to watch a movie, but Sawyer is reading.  Hurley puts in Xanadu.  The movie selection at the compound is less than “A” grade.  Kate knocks on the door and comes into Sawyer and Hurley’s place.  Sawyer tries to get Hurley to go away, but Hurley can’t get the hint.  So Sawyer takes Kate to the kitchen and offers her wine.  Sawyer asks about things at Claire’s place and then calls Kate out on her reason for coming over.  She must want to use him for something.  She asks for Sawyer to help her bust Ben out.  

who’s house, runs house…

Sawyer brings backgammon over to Locke’s house.  They start to play and Locke asks if Sawyer thinks he’s doing a bad job.  Sawyer says he would feel less safe at the beach.  Sawyer wants Locke’s word that he won’t do anything to Kate.  Then he sells Kate out.  He reveals what Kate had just asked him to help her do.  Locke grabs his gun.  Sawyer gets worried until he realizes they are going to see Miles to find out what he wants. When they get to the boathouse Miles is missing.  What the F?  Kate outsmarted Sawyer…or was this the plan all along?  Instead of bringing Ben to Miles…she brought Miles to Ben.  She busts into the house and takes him to the basement.    

Miles asks if Ben knows who he is and who he works for.  Ben shakes his head acknowledging this much.  Miles says he is willing to lie and say that he saw Ben dead…if and only if Ben will wire him 3.2 million dollars.  Ben says that’s a bit ridiculous.  Miles gives him 1 day…and Ben says with his current predicament he can’t make any promises.  Miles then gives him one week.

Kate rips Miles from the room and then pins him against the wall to hold him up to his end of the deal.  Miles tells Kate everything knows about her.  And it’s all the truth:  being a fugitive, her full name, where she was caught, etc.  He tells her if he were she then he would stay on the island.  He says, “Who knows?   Maybe you didn’t survive the crash.”  When they reach the top of the stairs, Locke points a gun on Kate and tells her to go home.  Sawyer and Locke stay with Miles.  Miles is screwed…he is now in Locke’s house –literally.  

mayday, mayday…

Kate listens to music in the living room of Claire’s place– Patsy Cline (?).  Claire goes over to Kate to see what’s up. Then Locke comes to the door and asks to talk to Kate privately.  Locke just wants to know what Miles and Ben talked about.  She tells him everything.  Locke tells her that he wants her gone by morning.   She is no longer welcome at the compound.

Flash-forward, Kate goes to a private room in the courthouse.  Her mother is wheeled in with an oxygen tank.  She asks Kate if its true what Jack said.  Kate won’t talk to her and her mother wants to know why.  Kate says last time they tried to talk, her mother called security on her.  Kate’s mom says everything changed when she thought Kate was dead.  And she no longer wants to testify against her.  Kate leans over and tells her mom not to.  Her mother says she wants to see her grandson.  Kate realizes her mother came to make a deal.  Kate won’t allow it.  She sends her mother away.

On the island, Sawyer lies in bed just in just his boxers.  Kate goes into his room, and apparently Sawyer was in on the plan.  Good call me.  Sawyer can’t believe Kate was banished.  And he un-banishes her.  He takes off her shoes and tells her to stay right with him.  They start laughing with each other.  He tells her she will be all right…he’ll keep her safe.  Then they start making out.   And possibly having sex…I don’t know.  

Daniel and Charlotte are playing some sort of memory card game on the beach.  He only gets 2 out of 3 correct.  Jack questions why the boat won’t answer his calls on the satellite phone.  They play dumb…or maybe they are dumb, but I really think they are up to something.  Charlotte says there is only one number they use in case of emergencies.  Juliet tells Charlotte to use the number.  She puts the call on speaker phone.  Charlotte asks where the helicopter and Frank is.  The boat has no idea where the helicopter is.  They thought it was still on the island.    

free as a bird…

Locke goes to the boathouse.  He shoves a grenade in Miles mouth.  Then Locke gives a typical Locke speech.  Miles will tell him what’s going on.  Locke will get to the bottom of this…blah, blah, blah.  Soon all will be revealed but for now Miles just needs to keep his mouth shut.  Literally.  If he takes his tongue of the trigger…then boom.  

Back in Sawyer’s room, Kate and Sawyer wake up.  He starts to “set the mood” again.  But Kate refuses.  Apparently they didn’t have sex last night…or so the dialogue reveals.  He asks if this has anything to do with her possibly being pregnant.  Kate knows she is not pregnant.  Then Sawyer lets out his relief.  This pisses Kate off royally.  And she says she’s going back to the beach.  Sawyer thinks she’ll be back after she gets angry with Jack.  She smacks him across the face and leaves the room.  

In the future, Kate sits on her side of the courtroom…and may I say, are courtrooms usually this nice?  I really don’t remember Law and Order having leather chairs in their courtroom.  Apparently Kate’s mom won’t testify.  The prosecution says it’s for medical reasons.  Then the prosecution wants to talk to her lawyer.  Her attorney refuses to let Kate serve anytime especially after everything charitable she has done in regards to the island.  The prosecution offers her a deal where she can’t leave the state.  10 years probation but she can’t leave.  Despite her attorney’s misgiving Kate takes the deal.  She has a child.  She’s not going anywhere.  

Kate leaves the courthouse to the parking lot, and Jack runs over to her.  She thanks him.  Kate says that she has heard Jack say that story about the island so many times that it almost makes her think that he believes it.  He tells her that what he said in there, the love thing…he didn’t mean it.  She says that he should come by, but he has to go the hospital.  He wants to grab coffee sometime.  Kate says she knows why Jack doesn’t want to see the baby.  However, if Jack ever changes his mind, then he can come over and see them.  Hmmm…its Sawyer’s baby?  That’s a bit weird.  
Kate has a cab drop her off at a really, really nice home.  Oceanic buy-out money?  She calls out hello to the house.  Then a woman comes over and hugs her.  The caregiver while Kate was in jail?  Kate runs up stairs to see her child taking a nap.  He looks so cute.  Blonde hair.  Kate starts to cry. Then she calls the baby Aaron.  WHAT?  She kept Claire’s baby?!?  No way.   This show is so nuts!!!  

Final Thoughts

Seriously.  I don’t know what will happen next.  Just when I think the show can be figured out they throw a curve ball.  Any guesses for the other 2 from the Oceanic 6?  Will Sawyer come off the island?  Ben’s money – where did it come from?  Last time I checked he was the son of a Dharma Initiative alcoholic janitor.  What happened to Claire?  Does she die?  There is no way she would just part with Aaron.  And when can the dead people be explained?  No real assumptions.  Only questions here.

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