Make-It-Yourself Headboard

I need a little help putting my bedroom together. I do not have a headboard. My bed is under a window (48" wide). I don't want to block the window, but I do I want to be able to put some thing there with drama and spunk. --iVillager Naomi


Beds can often be expensive to purchase. However, there are many alternatives to a traditional headboard if you use a little creativity and put yourself to work. Here are a few ideas on creating your own headboard to jazz up a dreary bedroom.

  • Try hanging a tapestry over your bed to bring softness and richness into the room. Choose a tapestry in colors that suit your bedroom decor. (You can use this tip whether your wall space is large or small; just get your hands on a tapestry that is sized properly to fit your space.) They don't have to be expensive -- I purchased one for $40 at a flea market and have used it as a wall hanging and table drape.
  • Your own artwork can be made in a snap, and can easily double as a headboard. Simply stretch a piece of fabric across a lightweight wooden frame and staple onto the back of the frame, making sure the fabric is straight and taut, and hang over the bed. (Again, this technique can be used in any size space -- just make sure your wood frame is sized to fit.)
  • You can also use a wooden or metal screen to create an illusion of a headboard. Just stand or lean the screen against the wall behind the head of your bed. You may need to secure the screen to the wall if it seems a bit wobbly.
  • If it's truly the look of a traditional headboard you desire, pick up an old, simple wooden headboard at a garage sale or flea market, and, if in somewhat good condition, simply attach securely to the wall. If the headboard has seen better days, you can refinish or paint it.
  • Another way to give a headboard a thorough facelift is to cover it with a coordinating fabric. Just glue down a large piece of batting to the frame, and then secure the fabric to the frame using a staple gun.
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