Is Making Love Every Night Bad for Your Health?

Is making love every night bad for your health?


As long as you are having safe sex, then by all means, go for it. The health risks from sex can come from sex with many partners, where the odds of getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) increase. Using a condom is a must unless you know are in a monogamous relationship and both have been tested for STDs including HIV. Having sex every night does not harm the genitals, as long as the sexual activities are not too rough.

Psychologically, nightly sex is also perfectly healthy as long as both persons wish to have sex with this frequency. Forcing or coercing a partner into daily lovemaking will cause increasing stress and anger that is sure to erupt in one way or another. While psychologically lovemaking every night is fine, compulsive lovemaking is a symptom of some kind of sexual addiction, compulsion or anxiety. Unfortunately, it is much more common for one partner to want sex more frequently than the other. This can cause disagreements and angst in any marriage. The more in synch you are with your partner about how often you want sex, even if that frequency is only monthly, the better off you are. Couples who enjoy frequent lovemaking are probably healthy and happy and share wonderful intimacy that makes their partnership a very satisfying one.