Mally Roncal

Celebrity makeup artist and founder of Mally Beauty

Mally Roncal is a top Hollywood makeup artist.


Originally from upstate New York, Mally left her pre-med studies to pursue her passion for art, makeup and fashion. Mally believes that it is our differences that make us beautiful. Her rapid rise to success is a result of her unique ability to enhance a woman's natural beauty. Today, Mally is a top makeup artist and she has her own cosmetic line, Mally Beauty. She has been featured on television programs including Oprah, The View and TODAY; and regularly appears in magazines including In Style, Life & Style and US Weekly. She is also a regular on the Rachael Ray Show

Mally not only makes her clients look gorgeous, she makes them feel gorgeous. The looks that she creates emphasizes healthy, breathable skin that looks flawless and dewy. According to Mally, "Makeup is simply the accessory that allows someone's true nature and beauty to outwardly manifest itself."



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