Menstruation: Is it normal to have your period return quickly with exclusive nursing?

I know that most nursing moms usually don't get their periods, but I was never that way. With my first, my period returned when my high need, exclusively breastfed baby was six weeks old. Now my second baby is three months old. I breastfeed exclusively and got my first period at five weeks postpartum. Am I the only nursing mom this happens to?


Debbi Donovan

Debbi Donovan is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, as well as a retired La Leche League Leader. For more than a decade, Debbi... Read more

No! There are others who exclusively breastfeed, and still have a very early return to fertility. It isn't the norm, but it does happen.

Studies have shown that, in general, assuming the same nursing pattern with subsequent children, your length of time without a period (lactational amenorrhea) will be similar. So, it is not surprising that you experienced an early return of your menses the second time around.

The return of your period brings fertility, of course, so if you’re not planning to become pregnant again very soon, speak with your doctor about birth control.

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