Milk allergy: Foods to avoid

My daughter just turned one-year-old and has eczema. Her doctor told us to stay away from milk products and her rash went away. Now when I give her milk she will get the rash and she will throw up within four hours and have diarrhea over the next couple of days. I have either a milk allergy or milk intolerance myself. Does this sound like a milk allergy and if so what foods should she avoid?


Sue Gilbert

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Yes, it does sound like a milk allergy. Your daughter is displaying very typical allergic reactions -- rash, vomiting and diarrhea. Often kids outgrow milk allergies by age two or three, so you should stay away from milk for now, and try again in a year. You will need to avoid any foods that contain milk or dairy products, or derivatives of milk.

That means she will need to stay away from these foods: yogurt, cheese, cream, sour cream, half and half, dry milk solids, whey, caseinate, casein, curds, nonfat dry milk, butter, buttermilk, artificial butter flavor, curds, custard, Ghee, hydrolysates (casein, milk protein, protein, whey and whey protein, lactalbumin, lactose, lactoglobulin, nougat.)

Because milk can be found in many items such as baked products, chocolate desserts and candies, sherbets, pudding, non-dairy creamers, cold cuts, margarine, sauces, mashed potatoes, soups and more you will need to read labels carefully.

If you have a diary of your daughter's symptoms and the foods she has eaten, it will help your doctor to confirm your suspicions about your daughter's milk allergy. Don't refrain from asking everything you need to in order to feel comfortable dealing with your daughter's allergy and diet. Remember, it is your child's welfare at stake.

Have you checked out the on-line help for food allergies at, The Food Allergy Network? You can also find support and help at the bulletin board, Children's Allergies.

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