Moles in Your Lawn

Last year, our lawn was completely dug up by moles. I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter and I am concerned about using any product that could hurt her-or she might trip over the holes. We live in Western New York State. Any suggestions?

-- iVillager Penny Beck


Don't those moles just drive you crazy? You want to address this issue ASAP because I'm sure as you are already aware those malicious little fellas can cause lots of damage to your yard and garden; and as you said most of all to your daughter who could trip over the holes they leave.

There is now a castor oil based mole repellent that claims to be effective for 30-75 days depending on your type of soil. The product name is called "Mole Control". Also on the market are little pellets that you can stick into the mole holes and/or ultrasonic devices than will fend them off.

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