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I read in one of your q & a about not giving honey to babies (not even baked products containing honey). I just realized that the wheat bread I give to my 9 month old twins contains honey. I checked at the grocery store and all the wheat bread contains honey. I have been giving them wheat bread for a few months now. Should I be concerned. Should I stop giving them wheat bread?

Thank you


Sue Gilbert

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Dear Timothy,

I have recently read conflicting evidence about honey in baked goods for infants. Some places have indicated that it is okay to feed an infant honey graham crackers, for example. However, to be safe I think it would be smart until at least one year of age. Honey may contain botulism spores. These spores are extremely heat resistant, and a baby's tummy, which doesn't yet have the spore growth inhibiting acidity of an older child or an adult, can be a good environment for that spore to grow and produce the deadly toxin.

I think I am being very conservative here, but why take even a small chance if you don't have to and if there is no harm in waiting? Seek out a whole wheat bread made with something other than honey. Better yet, make your own! When your babies turn one you can then introduce honey into their diet.

Thank you for writing.

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