Morning Sickness and Cravings

I'm three months pregnant, craving cola drinks, and have been having more than my fair share of morning sickness lately. Is there anything I can do to prevent the nausea?


First the bad news: I believe that sugar is the number one 'bad guy' there is. Your child is being turned into a sugar junkie in the womb. Artificial sweeteners are a toxic stress, and may still cause some insulin release by the pancreas, so they aren't the answer either. What's worse, the drinks you crave contain caffeine, which is also an adrenal gland stress. The baby is getting exposed to that too.

The good news is that there is something you can do: It is not an old wives' tale that vitamin B-6 is helpful for the nausea of pregnancy. When magnesium is taken at the same time, the relief gets even more pronounced. See if you can talk your OB into permitting a trial of 100-200mg B-6, plus 1000mg magnesium, daily, both in capsule form.

It takes usually only a few days for you to feel a difference, and sometimes the relief is immediate. If it's really bad you can have it done by injection. (B-6 has no toxicities unless you go over 600-1000 milligrams/day for many months to years.) Vitamin C offers even further protection, but you should be getting this anyway with your pregnancy vitamins.

There are those who say that such 'solutions' are nothing more than placebo effect, meaning you feel better simply because you think you're supposed to. In the case of nausea, does it really matter if the relief is psychosomatic or actual, as long as you feel better and the treatment is not harmful to you or your child?

If the 'lift' of caffeine is mandatory to your getting through the day (perish the thought), at least get it without the sweetener, like in coffee, morning thunder tea, or tablet form. (I'm not recommending them.) Instead, why not try ginseng for energy, which is not an adrenal stress, and is not bad for your passenger? You can get it in capsule form.

Ginger root has a long history of helping with nausea of all types. You can get it in capsules from any good health food store. For nausea consider taking two(2)500 milligram capsules, three times a day. You may be pleasantly surprised. There are usually no side effects. Of course, you should consult your doctor before taking anything to treat symptoms he should be monitoring.

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