Pregnancy: Are motion sickness medications safe during pregnancy?

I am going to be flying at four months pregnant and I am concerned about motion sickness. My doctor told me that I should not take dramamine, which I usually take when I fly. I get severely ill when I don't take something.


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As you know, no drug can really be claimed to be "safe in pregnancy". Dramamine has an oxytocin-like effect (causes uterine contractions). Bonine (Meclizine) has been used as a substitute but the manufacturer categorizes it as a "B" drug which means that no controlled studies have proven it to be safe but fetal risk has not been shown. Dramamine is also a "B" drug. Scopolamine patches have also been used but are not recommended for use in pregnancy either.

You may ask your provider about these other options.

Herbal remedies include: Peppermint tea (at all grocers now) and ginger tea (1/2 tsp grated ginger root per cup of boiling water). Some people have also had good luck with a wrist band that puts pressure on an acupressure point. These can usually be found at health stores or herbalist suppliers.

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