Multiple Orgasms Explained

I've always heard about multiple orgasms, but I'm not sure what they are. Are they just frequent orgasms during the same sexual encounter? --G


Dear G:

Multiple orgasms are the Holy Grail of sex -- for women and men. If only it were as easy as snapping your fingers and -- presto! -- you got 'em! In my training and clinical experience, I have found that often this term is misunderstood. It is common for women to experience what feels like a multiple orgasm, as several types of release may occur simultaneously. These can be either repeated vaginal contractions, or clitoral, G-spot or vaginal sensations that range from tingling to explosive, subtle to powerful. Read Women Who Love Sex, the wonderful book on women's orgasms by Gena Ogden, for better insights into the variety and depth of orgasms. The book also details different types of orgasms, how women perceive them and how the sensation manifests itself uniquely in each of us.

In my clinical experience, it's more prevalent for women to have what I like to call a "spiraling" orgasmic response -- more like one after the other versus many at once. These can start out like a hiccup, then end with a bang! You can take a quick breather and repeat the cycle, building the intensity as you go. If women who have difficulty with orgasm were to allow themselves to experience this initial, sometimes subtle phase of orgasmic release, they might get the big "O" without trying. This release cycle is the kind of multiple orgasm that's most often talked about in private circles. Yes, women are truly insatiable!

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