My man is a sexual iron man

My fiance and I had sex for the first time and it was wonderful. My concern is that it lasted for about three hours. After he would ejaculate, he would be erect again in one or two minutes. I thought it was because that was our first time, but he has been like that every time since. Will it hurt him to be erect for that long, or should I just enjoy it?


The time that it takes a man to regain his erection after having an orgasm is called the refractory period. In younger men, this period can be as short as one or two minutes, or even less. As a man ages, it lengthens to hours, days and even longer in a very old man. So the first thing I have to say to you is if you are enjoying these long sex sessions, you might as well go ahead because they will not last forever.

But what if you are not enjoying them? What if you would like to stop after, say, only one hour? While your fiance can certainly have erections soon after he has climaxed, it is doubtful that he feels as aroused the second, third or fourth time as he did the first. So if you want to stop, tell him you have had enough, and his erection will disappear on its own without any discomfort to him.

If a man is very aroused and has not climaxed in a while, he might suffer some discomfort having to end a lovemaking session before he has an orgasm, but even that would not be life threatening. But if you have given him at least one orgasm, do not feel too badly about wanting to stop. If you are willing to keep going, then enjoy it while you can.