New (and Inexpensive) Dating Ideas

''I'm a poor college student and would like to surprise my boyfriend of over a year with some fresh dates -- but my imagination is failing me. I'm looking for original (and inexpensive) places to take him or some activities that we could do together. Any ideas?'' --iVillager venture9


Sherry Amatenstein

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Dear venture9:

Poverty can be a great inspiration for passion as it forces you to creative heights well beyond the movie and dinner rut. Here are some date ideas that are cheap only in the monetary sense:

  • Surprise him with an an indoor picnic replete with basket, daisies, finger food and his favorite brand of bubbly.
  • Send him an engraved invitation for a night of music and massage. (Have his favorite CDs and massage oils on hand and go to work!)
  • Invite another couple over for a brunch-and-board-games double date. They supply the bagels and Bloody Mary mix; you supply the Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit.
  • Enjoy the spoils of nature: Go hiking, biking, apple picking or ice skating. Better (and cheaper) yet, head to a schoolyard and play a game of tennis.
  • Go with tried and true indoor diversions: bowling, museum-hopping, workouts at the gym.
  • Exercise your brain cells. Scour the papers for venues where interesting thinkers are holding free or inexpensive lectures the two of you can enjoy.
  • Take an adult education class together in whatever excites you: yoga, tantric sex, how to be an Internet entrepreneur ...

You get the idea. Once you get beyond the classic restaurant-followed-by-theater thinking, you'll find that you and your honey can have plenty of fun without money.