A New Look for an Old Porch

Can you suggest some ideas for a front porch? I want it to look like one of those old-fashioned ones like "grandma used to have." I have an outdoor green carpet on it now that came with the house. I have a white swing and white windows. The porch is long and goes across the front of the house. When I Google "front porches," all I get is holiday decor [and] I want something for summer. The wood floor needs to be scraped and painted. I cannot paint the house, but I'd like to change the porch since we spend a lot of time there

— iVillage user charliesap


The porch is the first thing people see when they enter your home. Since it is an extension of your house and you love spending time there, you'll also want your porch to be an extension of your style. First, eliminate any clutter and keep the focus on the swing and the view around it. Definitely take the time to paint the floor, but consider which color will best highlight the space. If the rest of your house is white, a warm yellow would be wonderfully welcoming. Or try painting just the floor in a surprising color: a vivid green would totally transform the space without being overwhelming. And it would also look chic against the white porch swing and windows! Take out that old green carpet and think about placing a sisal rug there instead. There are so many outdoor rug options these days—some with patterns, some without—but all gorgeous. This will go a long way in revamping your space. Finally, get a bunch of terra-cotta pots at your local home store and fill them with white geraniums. The simplest things often do the most when it comes to living with style!

Hope this helps!

Susanna Salk, decorating expert, blogger and iVillage contributor.

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