New Mom: Irregular Cycles and Trying to Conceive

After receiving treatment for infertility, I had a baby four months ago. Since then, my period has resumed and is as irregular as it was before my pregnancy -- coming every other month. I would like to have another baby. Should I return to the fertility clinic?


It's quite common for a woman's cycle to revert to her pre-pregnant schedule after the birth, even if it had been irregular. Unfortunately, there is no way to regulate your cycles without medication -- and some medications impair fertility.

However, depending upon the cause of the previous infertility, you may be able to predict ovulation on your own without returning to the fertility clinic. I recommend fertility-awareness techniques, such as monitoring cervical mucus. You can learn to identify ovulation, even during irregular cycles. I also recommend a great book, called Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. It outlines clinical approaches to fertility problems, as well as regimens that couples can use to enhance fertility.

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