Nutrition - Breast vs solids (7 months)

I am nursing my 7 month old son. He started solids at 4 months. How much should he be relying on breast milk for nutrition at this point, and how much on the solid foods?


Sue Gilbert

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Dear Kathleen,

At seven months of age your baby should still be getting the majority of his nutrition from breast milk. Only gradually will that source of nutrition be replaced by solids. The first few weeks of solids serve two important purposes; one is to introduce a supplemental source of iron, and two, to encourage his developmental needs for transitioning to solids. As his innate desire to self feed and to eat solids matures, you will begin replacing the nutrients in breast milk with solid foods.

The first foods that you feed him really do not mimic the nutrients found in breast milk, e.g. iron fortified infant cereal, apple sauce, carrots. As he grows, the foods you add do begin to provide those nutrients that they will be replacing, such as protein and calcium. You will find that the more solids he starts to eat, the less room he will have for the breast milk. However this will take a few more months, and isn't even fully completed in some babies at one year.

Thanks for writing.

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