Nutritious breadsticks for baby?

I've been trying to wean my breastfed six month old for at least one meal. She barely eats the cereals and fruit that I've offered her. (I've tried all kinds of combinations), but loves teething cookies and especially breadsticks.) Is there any way I can make some nutritious food for her -- besides sweet cookies -- in this form? I'm afraid of creating a sweet-tooth!


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I think that trying to put your daughter's food into a breadstick form may not be the complete solution. For one thing, it would require a lot of time on your part, and secondly, it may not be what she really needs. It might be that she is using the teething cookies and breadsticks because she is teething and these are satisfying for that reason, it may also be because she does not like the fine texture of the fruits and cereals. Have you tried to offer her the fruit in a lumpier form, or as a finger food? Maybe she just wants to feed herself, another reason she may prefer the biscuits. If this is the case, offer her baby cereal made very thick and cut off into clumps for her to pick up and eat. Offer chunks of ripe banana that she can bite off and gum. Serve her soft cooked sweet potato sticks, sticks of tofu, lumps of cottage cheese, etc.

There are some healthy teething biscuits/breadsticks you can make that are not too sweet. Actually, if you have a favorite healthy bread you can harden it by baking it a very slow oven (150 to 200F) for 15 to 20 minutes. Do this with banana bread, zucchini bread (made with low amounts of sweetener), and whole grain yeast breads (fortified with soy and/or milk powder for extra nutrition). Vicki Lansky's book, Feed Me I'm Yours, has several recipes for teething biscuits, along with other good ideas for finger foods for babies of different ages. Some recipes contain more sweetener than I like, but you are free to adjust that to your liking.

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